Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Thanks for my presents!

This is a present for my friend Amanda, who once coveted this little wire bird cage. I made a Tilda bird, posed it on a vintage spool, and added a wreath made of spools around it. Best of all, it can all come apart, and she can put a candle in the middle of the bird cage and enjoy it in her garden gazebo this summer.

We had a wonderful Christmas here at Handmaid headquarters...it was full of a lot of laughter, family, friends and good times.
There were some wonderful presents, too. I got some books, some lovely lavender things, and from my stitching buddy Sandra, useful gifts like GIANT ziplock bags for kitting up projects (wonderful and not available in Canada for some odd reason). There were also some Color Catchers -- fantastic product we need, but cannot buy in this country -- and buttons, beautiful dotty spotty red and white fabric, and a gorgeous composition book covered by Sandra in lovely candy fabric. All of this was wrapped up in many little fabric Christmasy pouches sewn by Sandra from fabric gifted to her by my Aunt Rita.
Delicious treats for all my creative pursuits!
I hit the post-Christmas sales and found an organizer module for patterns. There is also a space for jars and spools of thread. It was already half price, but the store offered an additional 25 per cent off the entire purchase -- even on sale items. Fabulous! This will be a companion piece for a great module from the same line. I received it from my cousin Stella. It has two drawers and a special drawer for ribbons and trims.
Every year, I buy myself one present, post Christmas. This year, it was a book by Lotta Jansdottor, called Handmade Living. Pure eye candy-- but calorie free! It was on special offer for 30 per cent off, so even better. I also got my date book for 2011. It features Retro Moms and quirky, saucy comments. At 50 per cent off, it was a steal and will make me smile every week.
That is what I wish for everyone in 2011 -- a smile every week!


  1. Get that new book ready for me to pour through on Monday ... HA!!!

  2. Colour Catchers the things you put in the laundrey to stop your washing running??

  3. Colour Catchers are amazing and they do stop the washing from becoming pink if you accidently put bright red polka dot fabric in with your significant other's delicates. Amazing product, but note available in Canada. Why? Who knows!


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