Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cosy slippers

Way back in October, Sandra and I were browsing around in Chapters. We found an issue of Sew Hip, a UK magazine that has some really cool sewing patterns. In it, was an awesome pattern and instructions for making these slippers. They are lined with polar fleece and have non-slip soles. They are really quite easy, so I went on to make a dozen pairs of these for Christmas presents.
These slippers are my daughter's. I found hedgehog flannel in the remnant bin at Fabricland. Along with monkeys, she loves hedgehogs. Sooo, these became her slippers. The yohos have vintage buttons in the centre.
She loved the slippers, and I so enjoyed making them. I plan to make a pair for me, now that I have some time to myself.


  1. Very cute - I'm sure B and the rest of the girls love their slippers - you're such a good mommy :)

    I have a spare sewing machine light that might fit your machine - call me, lol!!

  2. Those are great! It's so cool you found hedgehog fabric.

  3. cool slippers, I find Sew Hip quite expensive - at £4.99 it's half a book!!
    I'm Wendy of the Tilda fabric, Sandra gave me your address and so I'll get the fabrics in the post for you this week, but I thought I should pop by and say hello! I'm going to have a poke around now, hope you don't mind ;0)


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