Friday, January 14, 2011

Finally, I am in hot water!

Yesterday, after my little trip to the quilt store, I got home to be greeted by my boys saying,"Where's the hot water?" You know, in that tone indicating that I had perhaps stolen the hot water or something...
So, we called the energy company. It's a rental hot water tank.
Guy shows up.
Yeah, we gotta replace the tank.
When can that happen?
Tomorrow between 1 and 5 p.m.
Then, he tells me the pipes aren't right, and they have to be changed. And, we have to pay for that.
So, I simply couldn't do laundry or the dishes, or anything all day to-day. So sad. But in one hour from now, I'm back in hot water literally and figuratively. As I was loading the dishwasher, I put in my Marvin juice glass and remembered that I always had plans to cross stitch a Marvin the Martian Sweatshirt. After the dishes bound for nowhere were out of sight, I went hunting for my martian UFO. Found it right where I'd packed it away when we moved six years ago. All the parts were there, too --waste canvass, charts and threads. The shirt was purchased in 1996 and the chart in the same year. However, 14 years can slip away in the life of a hand made-maven.
Case in point: My aunt began a quilt in 1981 for her about-to-be-born very first great niece. I finished it for in time for the great niece's new baby. There is hope for almost all UFOs, lingering in work boxes around the world.
I say almost all because there are some vintage crafts that are best left to die.
Does anyone else remember making Christmas wreaths from old computer punch cards? Oh, I am dating myself, aren't I?
I was only nine at the time....

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  1. I think you DID steal the hot water - your purse had an awfully suspicious bulge in it when we went to Evelyns!!!

    Plastic canvas ANYTHING should be left to die. Most other crafts have at least some kind of redeeming quality, but plastic canvas is completely and irreversibly IRREDEEMABLE. And ugly :D


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