Sunday, January 23, 2011

Minus 32!

I do love my country, honestly I do. However, what a place of extremes!
This morning -- and apparently until Tuesday -- it will not be warmer than -25 degrees Celsius. This is very cold. The air actually feels like it is burning your face. Bare skin will freeze within 15 minutes. Little kids in this country actually understand how to avoid frostbite by the time they start kindergarten.
In the summer, say July, the temperature will soar to 40 degrees Celsius for days on end.
It also bears explaining that our temperatures are never expressed in absolute terms. There are always augmenting factors.
In Ontario winters, it is all about windchill. Today's windchill drives the temperature down to -36 degrees C.
In the summer, we have the Humidex. The air in southern Ontario is quite humid because we have the cumulative effects of the Great Lakes -- and in southern Ontario it is often intense. So those 40 degree summer days will feel like 45 degrees C.
It is very cold today. The frozen earth makes for some lovely reflected light inside our warm homes. I was playing around with my camera and captured this image, which I thought I'd share.
After all, it will be about 24 weeks before we see any real roses growing in our summery gardens. Cheery thought, huh?


  1. Gotta love Canadian winters! Makes glad I moved from Calgary to Vancouver...give me rain any day! P.S. Love your blogs new look :)

  2. Hi Nancy,
    I couldn't reply to your comment as you are a no-reply commenter. This means you can't win giveaways and people can't reply to your messages! If you need help fixing it, let me know.


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