Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fresh summer thinking from the UK

Sizing up and drafting the patterns
At the beginning of the month, I won an on-line auction for a piece of Cath Kidston cotton duck fabric.
It is a good sized piece, 71cm x 49cm. I just adore Kidston's strawberries pattern.
It arrived today!  I washed it, ironed it, and cut it -- today.
I didn't even take the time, as I normally do, to admire it and convince myself to cut it.
This is how excited I am about making this summery little tote.
I cut it carefully, so that I have some little pieces left for applique/collage purposes.

I love the whole Cath Kidston vibe -- retro, vintage, and funky. Of course, like nearly all crafty things I really love, it isn't readily available in Canada. So, I keep an eye out for scraps on ebay. Sometimes, like this time, it works well.
Cath Kidston's designs remind me of  when I was a kid.-- back when I first fell in love with patterns and fabric. Several of my mothers' friends had an awesome collection of vibrant table linens and the like. Drawn to the designs, I would be entranced by the colours, while adults sipped tea and told tales.
This pattern for this bag comes from Homestyle Sewing, a UK magazine that has two issues so far. It is very pricey here, but I've done quite a few projects from the magazines, so I think I am getting my money's worth. (The UK theme is developing quite nicely, I think...)
Prepped and ready to be sewn

I have just enough strawberry fabric for the outside of the bag. For the inside, I am using the polka dots (from the UK's Markower Studios) that Sandra gave me for Christmas.
I am also making heart-shaped pockets for the inside, using some stripped fabric from the remnant bin at the quilt store.
The gingham bias tape -- at least four metres of it -- was a Value Village find in a $1.99 bag of ribbon.
The pattern is for a reversible bag, but mine will be all about the strawberries.
Did I mention that I love this fabric????
I will post a photo when it is all put together.


  1. I can't believe you already cut out the most precious of fabrics - quit making the rest of us look bad, LOL!!!

  2. wow, you have a great eye for putting fabrics together, I love your choices, and I LOVE gingham, so thats a nice wee addition too! Can't wait to see your progress.

    According to its Facebook page the next issue of 'Homestyle Magazine' will be out soon.

  3. I fell in love with that pattern too, but I'm scared of the binding. I'd like to see a button hole or two on the finished bag! Oh, and I can get Cath Kidston, quilting weight is £10 a metre and upholstery weight £20 a metre in my local John Lewis, so just let me know if you want some!


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