Saturday, February 19, 2011

TGIF, getting involved in FNSI, and other fun acronyms

Almost finished

Last night was Friday. In our part of the world, the wind was gusting to up to 97 km per hour by dinner time -- this after a wonderful almost spring-like day with (gasp) sunshine and temperatures that approached 10 degrees Celsius.
So, I was glad to be stitching this little Tone Finnanger image. Fortunately, I chose the colours when it was sunny and warmish during the day, thus its cheerful spring vibe.
Late in the day, I opted to sign up for the Friday Night Sew In. Get the details here:

I like the idea of a virtual sewing bee. The advantage is that you feel kind of connected, but since you can't actually see anyone, you don't waste time yaking. Actual work gets done in this virtual meeting!
I was waiting for Miss B to come home for the Family Day weekend, but as she prepared to come home, the police evacuated the Dundas St. northbound train.
So, she stayed downtown and waited for her Dad to finish work and come home. Long story short, I was glad I had some free time on my hands.
There is something very comforting about stitching when the weather swirls all around you. I did get up and check out a couple of banging noises -- at one point one of shovels left its perch on the porch and scooted across the flagstones. But, when I opened the front door to get it, I was hit in face with a huge blast of cold air. I decided to leave the shovel to its own fate.
Really, by this point of our never-ending winter, I am kind of sick of the thing anyway. I don't care if it blew away and I never saw it again. Don't even get me started on how sick I am of my winter coat...
It is still blowing and snowing here this morning, so I will finish this piece today. It will become part of a quilt sometime this summer.
Spring time detail views
I hope everyone is happy and warm in your part of the world this morning! 


  1. Shovel is old enough to take care of itself. LET IT GO! It won't learn if you keep rescuing it! ;)

    Little Tone is sweet - what are you going to make with her?

    I assume Miss B made it home safely last night with dad (or safely to the cottage?)?

  2. it´s sooo wonderful!
    many greetings - elvi

  3. Beautiful embroidery work... I love being part of a virtual sewing bee too... esp seeing photos of what everyone was working on the next day!

  4. I like your Love embroidery. Can't wait to see what you are going to do with it.

  5. Lovely stitching. I am glad you got some time to yourself to work on it. We had some wind the night before last but nothing quite like that.

  6. What a pretty embroidery you've been working on.

    All our children are currently living in Southern Ontario and I know they are all thoroughly tired of winter too. But spring is heading your way soon, I'm sure. We had lots and lots of robins here in north Georgia, but now not so many as they've been flying north.


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