Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Making groovy Japanese flowers

I can see this is going to become a favourite craft book. 
Great way to use up little left overs...
Here's a close up of my very first kanzashi. I think it's groovy.
I have been working on making some flowers. I found a book by crafts teacher Diane Gilleland. It's called Kanzashi In Bloom. These fabric flowers are made in much the same way as origami -- using a series of folds to make the petals. Then, you sew the petals  together, and embellish the centre with a button or a bead. I have admired these on various web sites for a while now, but I had no idea there was an excellent book about how to make them. Gilleland covers the basics and explains them well. Helpful photos explain each step. There are also a number of projects using the flowers. I am working my way through slowly. Watch this space!


  1. Very pretty ... I mean very GROOVY!!! ;)

  2. I love these flowers! Loving that blue fabric with the red spot... keep 'em coming!


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