Saturday, August 11, 2012

Blu-it-ful plummage!

Jellybean, the parrot
Miss B is working as a summer camp activities co-ordinator. This week, it was Pirate Week. Naturally, she had to have a parrot. She kept telling me not to worry about making a parrot, but I KNOW how to make a parrot, and my Tilda's Studio book has a pattern for a cockatiel.
Me being me, I decided to switch a few things up and created Jellybean. She is called Jellybean because of the print on her wings. She is also a Norwegian Blue, the parrot celebrated in the famous Monty Python Dead Parrot Sketch.
My inspiration for the colour scheme came from the line, "Beautiful plummage..." I had to find some fun, colourful fabric for the wings.
Then I remembered a little scrap that I acquired from Sandra.  Covered with jellybeans, her wings were a big hit with Miss B's little campers!
Speaking of fabric acquired from Sandra, look at what she sent to me via a website called Pink Castle Fabrics.
Many Mini Gnomes in Blue
Present from Sandra!
I just love this fabric! I don't even know what I am going to make with it, but it will likely be something for DH birthday this December.
In our family, we have a thing for gnomes.
Each year, we search and search for  a gnome for DH New Year's Eve birthday. I can't remember why we started doing it, but it is one of those family traditions, stridently observed and insanely important. 
One year, we found a little traveling gnome. Thereafter, now and then, the gnome actually travels. There are always photos of his adventures, and they are part of our family photo history.
He's been to London to visit the Queen
This spring, the Gnome mysteriously showed up in London, Paris and parts of Scotland.
He event went to London to visit the Queen!
But, since there is Gnome place like home, the traveling gnome always comes home and sits on the bookshelf, waiting patiently for his next adventure.
The gnome fabric might become just about anything, and it will serve as a reminder of not only how much fun gnomes are, but also of how lucky I am to have such lovely friends.
Thanks, Sandra. You are a peach I tell ya! A peach!


  1. No wonder your parrot was a hit with the children at summer camp... it's adorable. Love those jelly bean wings.

    Love the gnome story and about his travels. That is such a fun family tradition.

  2. Peach signing in --- HA!!! I'm glad your fabric arrived so quickly, and that you like it. You know I'd do anything not to share my scraps ;) Just kidding - you're welcome to my scraps any time!

    Speaking of fabric gifts, I made something today with some fabric you gave ME a while ago - it's also one of something you made ME a while ago - the one I made is smaller - same colour though! ;)

    Jellybean is adorable -- I think you need to make a gnome stuffy next :)

  3. I love that you KNOW how to make a parrot, of course you do, doesn't everyone!! He turned out fab, really cute! Sandra told me about the gnomes, isn't she wonderful? mind you, you deserve it!

    Where I'm going on holiday, there used to be a garden stuffed full of gnomes, I'll have a look to see if it's still there (or rather if the owners are...) and if so, I'll send you pics!


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