Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Seriously, I would rather move house

All summer long, we had to plan for the big move. The den was to become my daughter's new room because it is a better shape,  providing both a bedroom and office space.
She is in teacher's college this year, and needs to have space to do assignments and other work from her practicum work in schools.
Eventually, it was down to wire. We had to get it done, as she was about to start school.
This project has taken two weeks. TWO WEEKS! And I am not yet finished.
Getting started reminded me of the tile puzzles we used to give the kids to keep them busy on long car trips.
We had to put things all over the house in order to make the moves necessary. Yikes! At one point, I said it would have been easier to move house completely.
I moved my desk and my various storage racks out of the way. The kids moved the bed from one room to the other.
Then, they moved the futon, and I moved the racks.
I bought EZ Slide Moving pads. Amazing product. It was how we got the TV unit out of her new room and into the new den. The whole thing moved down the hall with very little effort. We also used them to move DD's book cases and her desk into her new room. The plan came together in a week. The settling in will take longer.
Along the way, we both decided to "right size" our various collections. DD collection of books were sort of getting out of hand. Ditto several areas of my craft room. Once again, the pickings at Goodwill will be pretty good for a little while for others...
I am now in the process of putting the fabric stash in order by project. The fabric I don't have plans for at the moment will be either filed neatly away, or perhaps even donated to Goodwill. I have to remember that as much as I would like to, I likely won't live forever.
I wish I didn't love fabric quite so much....
Are we a pear?
With all this moving and shaking, I haven't done a great deal of creating, and my room isn't ready for its close up quite yet.
Last Friday, Sandra and Susan and I got together and tried our hand at making some little purses and a wallet. We had a lovely visit, but as usual, I did more unpicking than actual sewing. I hope to finish up my little wallet soon, and I will post the photos. I had a few things going on...
On the weekend,  I made apple and a pear pincushions to give as gifts to my oldest friends. We got together on Monday for lunch.
I have been friends with these girls since we were in kindergarten, and we try to get together at least once a year for our birthdays. I like to make them a little gift each. I just love doing these little fruit pincushions, and they use up scraps.
My friend Mary made some spicy red pepper jelly from the peppers in her garden.
It will be part of an easy appetizer at Thanksgiving this October. Place a brick of cream cheese in the middle of a large platter, and spread the jelly on top of  the cheese, surround it with various kinds of crackers, and step back quickly. People tend to dive toward it...
Well, it's back to the organizing project for me! Send help if you don't hear from me in a couple of weeks...


  1. I know exactly what you got done at my house - YOU FINISHED MY LITTLE FRAME PURSE! LOLOL!!! For which I'm eternally grateful, as I was just NOT going to be able to finagle it :D

    I hope things calm down soon - the 3 amigos (plus Miss Amanda, if we can nab her!) need to schedule a sew-in and make Ayumi drawstring bags! I told Miss Susan you're the expert :D

  2. Argghhh, I can't read your posts! Who is that man in a hat that gets in the way??

  3. Sending good wishes and good thoughts that everything and everyone is settled into their new spaces soon.

    And your lunch with long time friends sounds wonderful, cherish those times (I know you do.) We moved so much when I was a kid and then again once I married an army man, I don't know what it's like to have friendships that go back to childhood.


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