Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hello, Dollie! You're lookin' swell...

She needs some hair, and a face
When Tilda's Spring Ideas came out -- well long before the book came out -- I saw the Sewing Room Angel and knew I had to make her.
She has been a work in progress for much of this week. I have worked on her off as I organized the new den. She still doesn't have hair, or a face, but she will at some point this week. Once she is ready for her close up, I will stage a proper photo shoot.
Wallet key ring combo
I also finished my new wallet key ring combo. I began this at Sandra's house a week ago, and only now is it finished. I had some issues with it, read on...
This is a kit with fabric, components and the pattern from Quilt A Bag.
I took three runs at this. The first two times the binding fabric I used did not work with the other fabrics. I am good with colour, and that is usually a blessing when matching threads and picking fabrics for projects, but it is a curse when you get it wrong. It is impossible to continue until I feel it is right.
I made three sets of binding, installed two of them, hated them both, but then the third time was the charm. I have made more of this green polka dot binding just because I think it will go well with other things in the future.
This little wallet project actually required me to install a zipper -- by hand. I did it! I did it wrong the first time -- naturally -- so I had to reverse the zipper to allow easy access to the pockets in the wallet. I love the little apple zipper pull.
I think I have found some presents for my gal pals this Christmas, provided I can get only the components from QAB.
It there is one thing I don't need, it is more fabric.
Or bags, and yet, while I was at Value Village recently, I found a Cath Kidston Crossbody Messenger canvas bag for $3.99!
I was so happy to see it I almost squealed. Okay, I actually did a little squeal. It wasn't a loud squeal, but it was a happy one.
The fabric on the bag features English landmarks and is called Britannia. The bag has an outer pocket and two inner pockets. It is perfect condition, and I am pretty lucky to have found it at any price. At under $5, it is kind of a miracle.


  1. OH that Cath Kidson bag is a great find.

    I was wondering if you'd finished the wallet you were working on when we got together that day. It looks great!

    And so does the Sewing Room Doll... even unfinished. I'm looking forward to the final photo shoot pics.

  2. Hi Nancy,
    Your sewing angel looks amazing! Just like in the book. I want to try making her for a Xmas gift for my sister, her loves retro and sewing. You've inspired me!
    I cannot believe you found that CK bag for 3.99. I would have squealed, too. :)

  3. Hi Nancy Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. You're angel looks amazing. Sewing is definitely not a talent of mine, but I'd love to learn. I very jealous of your Cath Kidston find! I love all her stuff. I have a sea foam green polka dot tote bag of hers that I bought in London, UK. It's my favourite knitting bag. I look forward to keeping up with the rest of your work!



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