Friday, March 21, 2014

Hoppy Spring?!

It is International Happiness Day. I remember happiness -- there was green grass and sunshine there. As I write this, our area is under "A Special Weather Statement". There are warnings for rain, freezing, and snow.
First full day of Spring? Now, I ask you, who did Canada annoy?
So disappointing.
Last night, there was a chill in the house. We put the gas fireplace on to take it away.
And, I wrapped up in a blanket. I think by now I might be permanently chilled.
By this point in our climate, we are usually enjoying warmish days and cooler nights. That's what the trees need to make maple syrup.
Not wind chill warnings, freezing rain and more snow.
Hop on over to Tilda's World where these bunnies await

But, over in Norway, there is still snow. Also, Easter bunnies.
This is a new Tilda blog post that comes with a free pattern and instructions to make a sweet little bunny perched in an eggshell. How cute is that? Really, really, cute. I might make some  little arms so the bunny can hold something too.
When you are working with egg shells, it is really important to wash them out with a mild bleach solution.
This takes care of any lurking nasty bugs that might cause a food borne illness.
Allow the shell to dry thoroughly, and then brush some some water based varnish inside and outside of the shell. This will both preserve and strengthen it.
I am really enjoying the new Tilda blog. I wish I could leave a comment, but I can't. Instead, I will just share how much I am loving the regular posts -- and now a free project.
Maybe if we all make an Easter Bunny winter will see fit to leave.


  1. I agree winter is definitely wearing out its' welcome - enough of this COLD! Well at least we have cute projects like these to keep us busy. Easter can't get here soon enough. :)

  2. Happy international day, hope it was good despite the weather. Sorry I have not visited much but have been ill for the last few months, I was diagnosed with cancer in October last year and have been on chemotherapy and had major surgery and back on chemo again, so happiness is very important to me now, big hugs, Margie ❤️

    1. Margie, I am wishing you increasing health daily, and days full of sunshine!

  3. oh how adorable! I love them! thanks for the link


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