Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Waving a banner of hope

Canada Sews, a non profit organization that encourages Canadians to start and keep sewing, is behind a new initiative to encourage people going through times of personal stress. It's called Banners of Hope, and it is designed to get creative Canadians to make small banners -- sort of like Tibetan prayer flags -- to hang in places like waiting rooms doctors' and health care centres across the country.
Samples of the flags will be on display at the Spring 2014 CreativFestival in Toronto.
This is one I made, using some of my giant collection of scraps.
The bird is an off cut from one of my friend Amanda's latest upholstery fabrics. I created an applique using the cheater trick for needle turn applique.
The template for the banners is here.  Some ideas for quotes about hope are here. (My leaves have strayed off the edge, so that might be a problem according to the stated design criteria. Not a huge surprise. I also had trouble colouring inside the lines when I was in primary school.) Nonethless, I am pleased with my banner.
Throughout the year, the plan is to encourage quilt guilds, crafting groups and fabric shops to promote the banner project, and even to offer banner making workshops. Sample banners will be on display at various Canadian creative shows and events.
I like the idea. The banners are accessible to all levels and abilities of fiber artists and they are something that people of all ages can create. Once completed, these banners could also be used as silent auction donations or raffle prizes to  benefit organizations that help promote hope and healing in communities.
This was a lot of fun to do, and it's nice to think about creativity inspiring hope.
The world needs  a lot of both.


  1. Awwwwwwwwwww that's so sweet - love the embellishments and the sentiment :) I've made 2 drawstring gift bags with some of the Amanda scraps - a very small dent in the collection ;)

  2. oh so pretty! lovely use of buttons


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