Monday, March 3, 2014

Surprises from across the pond

Birthday goodies from across the pond
Yesterday, it was my birthday. (Let's not discuss the  numbers.) But, boy! Was I ever spoiled by my family.
On Friday, I made my way to the post box to find a very special birthday present from Miss B.
She sent some lovely surprises from the UK, including a Tilda charm pack, some yardage, and a package of angel wings to make the Vintage Angel from Tilda's Winter Wonderland.
She also tucked in a folding Cath Kidston shopping bag and the sweetest little needle case, shaped like a holiday caravan.
My son was equally generous. He gave me a gift card to go Etsy shopping.
I feel pretty blessed and loved. They know me so well.
To round out the birthday treats, my husband took me to Sunday brunch, and gave me tickets to the Stratford Festival to see The Man of La Mancha when it opens this spring.
(Should spring ever arrive.)
It has been so continually cold, I have been working on several crafty projects instead of getting out and about. My creative space was starting to look way too lived in, so I decided to tidy up. There were little scraps sitting in pile on my sewing machine table, along with a embroidery hoop.
Well, one thing lead to another and before I knew it, I had made a little wall decoration featuring a polar bear tucked into a quilt made from the little scraps of my precious (and some might say obsessively hoarded) Tilda stash. This decoration is framed in an embroidery hoop and is one of the really sweet ideas in Pretty In Patchwork Holidays.
I opted to make it less Christmas-y, so it can stay on the wall of my sewing room all year long.
Polar bear tucked in for the rest of this long, long winter
Surprise, surprise, my studio is only slightly less messy than it was before I made the polar bear.
Sigh. Such is the creative life.


  1. Happy birthday :) Guess what I found downstairs today? If it ever warms up I'll drop "it" by :D Tom Brown said tonight that we're not getting anywhere near seasonal temps for at least 2 weeks. I do believe I'm not impressed with that report!

  2. Happy birthday Nancy, so sorry I missed it, I'm rubbish with birthdays. You got some lovely Tildaness there though!


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