Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bento box bag of beauty...

Spring is springing!
Two things have changed around here -- spring has sprung and my daughter is home from university.
The tulips I planted three years ago have finally come up. One even managed to bloom. These were bulbs from a gift of potted tulips my daughter's room mates gave me after a long-ago visit to our home during reading week at university.
Dear daughter is working at her horrid call centre job, which means she is on the line from 7 a.m. until noon most days. She brings breakfast and a snack, packed the night before, just like when she was in school and living at home full time. The other night, she was rummaging around for a small enough plastic bag. Not an easy find since they aren't given them out for free anymore.
I heard her murmur, " I have to buy a lunch bag."
Antenna up, I said, "How about this bag?" I clicked onto the lunch bag tutorial on Pink Penguin.
"Yeah, like that one," said DD. "But I get to pick the fabric."
Fair enough, since much of it lives in her room at the moment. Off she went to rummage around. I love what she came up with -- it is so very Audrey Hepburn -- her favourite actress.
This little bag is so sweet, and it uses little bits of fabric. I can see it using up bits and pieces -- and perhaps used to package up jams or baked goods for gifts. Hmmmm....
Spotty, dotty lunch tote
The instructions are clear and it is very easy to put together -- Ayumi is a very good cyber teacher and a generous artist. She has several great tutorials on her site.
Sadly, I had many extra steps in this first bag because I didn't have any iron on interfacing and I sewed the handles (which DD requested longer than indicated) to the wrong side of the interfaced rim (I was a special moment for me. Yes, I said bad words). It suffers from first pancake syndrome in a couple of places (you know, the first pancake is never as good as the ones that come after it) Nonetheless, I love how this little bag turned out, and so did DD. I have since obtained some seriously full-bodied iron on interfacing. The next pancake, er, lunch bag, will be slightly more awesome.


  1. It's beautiful, you Earth Angel (!!!!) - the first pancake tastes just fine, btw!! Maybe we should do a Lunch Tote tornado night - it would be fun picking out some pretty fabreeeeecs!

  2. P.S. I forgot to say ... I can just IMAGINE your radar perking up when DDB announced she needed to buy a bag - I CAN JUST SEE IT!!!

  3. What a cute lunch bag. Your daughter picked out great fabrics for it.

    For most things, I actually prefer regular interfacing rather than iron-on even if it does make for more steps in putting something together. I find that after a few washings, the ironed on interfacing starts coming away from the fabric in different places and makes for a very uneven look.

  4. Hi Nancy, just letting you know that I'm linking to this post in my blog today :)


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