Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Friday Night Sew In is on the horizon

FNSI is on May 20. This means I will packing up my project in my old kit bag and smile, smile, smile all the way to Sandra's house. We will be joined by our friend Amanda, who is keen on making a few cushions to tart up her newly-created garden room.
This room has been many years in the making, and dreamed about through many a brutal winter day.
After many hours of work by Amanda and her husband, the room became reality last summer.
It is a large space, covered by a gazebo roof. It has a paving stone floor. It is wired for power and has a large ceiling fan to make our very humid summer evenings bearable.
As the room neared completion, Amanda began looking for furnishings that she could make over and redo. She thrifted a chunky pine living room set (circa 1970). We're talking a sofa, chair and rocking chair. The upholstery was a sort of harvest gold, down by the old mill stream kind of velor print. But, she has vision and a mad ability to do upholstery.
She envisioned it covered in a lime green with white piping and white covered buttons. About a week after bringing it home, that's exactly what happened. The fabric was on sale, and just to make sure she had enough, she bought the whole bolt. Then, she more or less deconstructed the old coverings to make a pattern and got to work on her trusty old Kenmore.
One weekend of intense sewing, power stapling and wielding of wicked-looking long sewing needles, she had a totally recovered set. Its change of clothes has made the furniture look modern and an organic part of her spectacular garden.
Last November, I got Kajsa Wikman's Scandinavian Stitches. In it, there are some ideas for making some whimsical cushions. The garden room never far from her mind, Amanda picked the cushions as something she wanted to make for the sofa and chairs.
So, that's what we are planning to do. I need to redo the ones on my family room sofa. There are three, but I plan to redo them one at a time. We will be using the scraps from projects past and the thrifted shirt fronts with their buttons for the cushion backs.
And yes, there will be photos of our cushions. I will ask Amanda's permission to post some photos of the garden room later this summer, when the garden is in full bloom.


  1. I got more fabric today for my FNSI projects - I'll start cutting and kitting tomorrow - it's in the dryer now, having been preshrunk in preparation for The Big Night :) I have zippers galore, I have Canada ribbon for embellishment, and I'm going to try to find a couple of Canadian flag "things" to use as zipper pulls :D See you tomorrow morning if it isn't raining - I hope you're feeling better!

  2. Sounds like you, Sandra and Amanda are all set for another productive FNSI. I'm looking forward to seeing photos of the cushions you make.


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