Thursday, May 19, 2011

Surprises on an international scale

Surprises within!
DD's feet
 I picked up a copy of Sew Hip at my local variety store. It is pretty expensive here in Canda, but I like many of the projects and ideas they feature. Taking advantage of a brief period of sunshine, I was sitting on the front porch swing when I spotted the gallery page.
"Hmmm," I thought. "Those slippers look like the ones I made dear daughter for Christmas. No. Wait. They are the ones I made DD for Christmas!"
I posted them to the mag's Flickr group and e-mail them to the mag as well. Surprise! Surprise!
I was all happy and thrilled.
Mr. D. commented that I was behaving as though I had never seen my name in print before.
"Well, I have never seen my name in a British magazine before," I said.
He had to concede that it was pretty cool on an international scale. 
Then he ordered me to stop squealing along with DD when she saw the photo. Fair enough. 
When he found out our first child was a girl, he remarked that he not looking forward to the random squealing that girls tend to do when they are delighted and happy, especially when they are with other girls. 
Cool, right?
He'd grown up with two sisters. He knows from squealing.
In other news, I found a lovely little tulip in the garden. I didn't plant it, but it is so pretty and tiny I had to share it. This image reminds me of a quilt pattern or something you might see in a kaleidoscope. I would squeal, but that would be annoying. You can though, go ahead!


  1. You and Miss B's feet are now FAMOUS!! And to think I knew you way back before you were a mega arteeeest! ;)

  2. oh wow, you are such an international star! I'm going to say "I knew her when..."! Well done, I'm very proud of you - I might just have to pick the mag up next time I see it!


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