Saturday, May 21, 2011

A cushy life on Friday night...

Living a cushy life on the front porch swing

Front detail
Another successful Friday Night Sew In.
In our part of the world, Sandra hosted in her studio, which was awesome because she had just about anything I didn't bring right at hand.
Here is my cushion, as featured in Kajsa Wikman's Scandinavian Stitches. I redid the first of three sofa cushions which need an update.
I did several interesting things, including trying to slice through a button on the back as I was squaring up the work at the end. The scallop stitching disguises the fact that the darker fabric of the tablecloth was showing against the white of the teapot. Thank heavens for decorative stitching!
I love the idea of using thrifted shirts to make the backs of the pillows. I saves having to do button holes. I love how this cushion turned out, and we had a great time. Now, I am doing two more for the most economical sofa makeover ever. Thanks to Sandra and Amanda for making FNSI the treat it always is!
Button back detail


  1. Your applique looks great! I've been meaning to try the teacup designs for ages.

    Great idea on using shirts too, my partner better watch out, I'll be raiding his wardrobe next!

    Sew Ray Me

  2. DESIGN DECISION!! No disguising anything - that was a DESIGN DECISION!!!

    Sewing over the button, however, was pretty damn funny :D

  3. Your cushion turned out really sweet. I like that you repurposed a shirt to make the back.


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