Thursday, July 21, 2011


Lavender sachets -- comin' up!
For tomorrow night's Friday Night Sew In -- to which I have added the prefix Freakin' Hot -- I will be making some little lavender sachets shaped like strawberries.
The idea comes from Sew Pretty Homestyle -- I have so far harvested pounds of lavender from the garden so far this year. It has been warm all spring, so my little beauties began producing by the second week of May and have been going strong ever since. Come September, I will be making potpourri the way some people make spaghetti sauce.
The Freaking Hot part comes from the fact that today in Toronto it was 50 degrees Celsius with the humidity factored in. Humidity is always factored in here. We have a giant lake to the south of us and several in-land lakes and bays. We have all the humidity you could ever imagine.
Anyway, today was a record breaker.
I have set up shop in the dining room, close to the central air vent. We never eat in there until Christmas anyway, so why not?
I am doing the machine sewing of the strawberry leaves and bodies, and then I will do the filling and hand finishing tomorrow night when my partners in fabric crimes, Sandra and Amanda come over to play. I am turning the AC up tomorrow night. Creature comforts and all that...
I have heard the my daughter is coming home early from her Great Northern Adventure because of the more than 100 forest fires currently burning in around the area in which she is working. The Ministry of Natural Resources has been relocating people for days now, but now the community she is in is also threatened by the smoke. She is dreadfully upset because she has loved her job, but we are looking forward to having her home safe and sound soon. Send everyone involved good thoughts, please. I can't imagine trying to fight fires in this heat.


  1. I finally decided what I'm making tomorrow night - nothing like waiting until the last minute! On tap are the finishing touches on a toddler quilt (it just needs the buttons sewn to the block intersections) and the stitching of a matching pillowcase. I'll also bring fabric to make a large Christmas gift bag to hold said quilt/p-case. That that will complete the gift for Matteo ... although there's always a possibility that I'll add a few bits and pieces before Christmas, lol.


  2. 50 degrees! Send some over here, it's bloody raining!


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