Monday, July 25, 2011

Nothing rhymes with orange simple syrup

Christmas, 1962:  I probably got everything I wanted
This adorable child is me, back in the last century. Back when you could get the things you wanted by asking Santa. Now, I guess I have to make what I cannot find. Thank heavens I like that sort of thing!
In this century, I am a lot older and I seem to spend a lot of time looking for the things I think I need -- like instant orange cappuccino mix. I hunted high and low for it today. I think I must finally acknowledge that they are either not making it anymore, or not selling it anymore in my area.
Now, I realize there are greater needs in the world than instant orange cappuccino mix. However, it was  a little treat I afforded myself when days were going a bit rocky.
It seems I have a lot of those days now, as I try and help my mother through dementia. On the days I really miss my mom, I can do with that orange cappuccino.
As I scanned the shelves for what was not there, I came up with a do-it-myself idea.
I made my own orange simple syrup, which I will add to my warm skim milk and instant coffee. Yep, there is sugar in it the syrup. I use only a teaspoon -- and not all the time -- a treat now and then is okay.
Here's what I did:
1 cup sugar
1cup water
Stir together in a medium saucepan until sugar dissolves completely. Boil on high for five minutes, but do not stir. Turn off the heat and allow the syrup to cool in the saucepan. When it is warm, stir in 3 tsp of pure orange extract. Cool completely and pour into a squeeze bottle. Store in the fridge for up to 2 months.
I wonder whatever happened to that toy piano?


  1. I can see you in the face (of course, LOL) but even more, I can see D ... and Miss B a bit, but not to the same extent as D!

    Now put Dolly in her beautiful pram and take her for a little stroll :D

  2. Nancy, so sorry to hear it's not going well. I'm scouring the internet to see if I can get some in the UK, no luck so far but I'll keep trying. In the meantime, I found another recipe

  3. Orange cappuccino sounds yummy. I've never heard of it before. But yes, we all need those treats now and again, especially when living in stressful situations. I can only try to imagine what it must be like to be the primary care giver for a loved one with dementia. Aloha hugs across the miles.


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