Saturday, July 23, 2011

Scented strawberries finished on FNSI

A bumper crop of sachets!
Last night's Friday Night Sew In was a lot of fun.
Gathered around my kitchen table were Sandra, Amanda and Berni (my vintage Bernina 830).
We had some delicious blueberry squares made by Sandra, some fruity cool Sangria (brought home to the feast by the darling husband), and a lot of laughs.
I made more than a dozen lavender/rose sachets using my homemade potpouri, and the pattern and instructions from Sew Pretty Homestyle.
These whipped up pretty quickly and they smell wonderful, if I do say so myself (and I do). I gave Sandra and Amanda one each -- mostly because Sandra was tempted to "steal" one and we can't have that! :-)
These little strawberries are a good size for settling in a drawer or I might attach some cording to the top so I can hang them in a few closets around here that could use some freshening up.
The scent is more delicate than commercial potpourri, but I like the gentle fragrance. When the scent waffs away, they can be "recharged" with a just a few drops of essential oil.
From my browsing around the web, it looks as though lots of folks also enjoyed FNSI -- and it was wonderful to be able to visit with you and see what you're up to!
Yesterday afternoon, I sang at the funeral of a lovely woman who had been a nurse in our community for many years, and before that with the Canadian Armed Forces.
Judy was a special person who took the time to listen to people and then gently guided them along a path to wellness. She treated her own journey home with the same gentleness, and cared for the people who cared for her with heartbreaking grace.
Earlier this year, when she learned her disease was terminal, Judy arranged a special evening of prayer and thanksgiving for her life. Family, friends and colleagues came together to share stories, read prayers and poetry and sing the music that she loved. At the end of the evening, we had a cocktail party, because she loved a good martini. Judy also loved all things handmade. And so, while I shared a laugh with my pals, and thought of you all working away on your projects, I also thought of Judy. She was a patron of our art and a wonderful steward of mankind.


  1. It sounds like your strawberries smell wonderful! I've hung one of mine in my car too

  2. My sympathies for the lose of someone so special in your life and that of your community. I find that it is people like you describe Judy to be, who inspire me to try to be the best person I can be.

    Your strawberry sachets look lovely. I wish I could have scented things like that in our house, but my allergies would have me sneezing within minutes. I was finally able to get So Pretty Homestyle through our inter-library loan system so I might have to try making a few of the strawberries without the potpourri.

  3. Judy sounds like someone who would have been a fun addition to our FNSI and Tornado nights!

    Your sachets are, of course, delightful, and I'm thankful I didn't have to steal ... I mean finagle ... one - at least you knew what to expect, LOL!

    Did Miss B make it home safely and to the walk (or limp) in clinic? Are they at the cottage now?


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