Wednesday, July 27, 2011

... from deep within the depths of the den closet

Hello. I am busy rediscovering the contents of the den closet at the moment. This is the closet where everything we didn't have a place for went when we moved seven years ago. In the Bible, all large tasks seem to take place in the seventh year, so I supposed this clearing out is meant to be.
I had no idea how large this closet is -- it is sort of like Dr. Who's TARDIS -- it is much bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. However, extensive editing is going on.
This was 20 years ago...
It is excessively warm up here on second floor. My dear daughter and I are doing our best to get it finished today. It is slightly disconcerting that I can still remember where I used to put things in the old house, and when I find them in the closet, I can still picture where they used to be in our old place.
Anyway, enough nostalgia. The pile for the Goodwill run is looking pretty healthy, and I feel less like I could appear on an episode of Hoarding, Buried Alive. All in all, my time is pretty productive at the moment, though I am in the throes of de-cluttering as opposed to creating stuff. I consider this process a necessary downside of being creative. Sigh.
There will be no photos of this process. It is just too embarrassing! However, here is a photo of dear daughter and I in the old days, working together on a cooking project -- which is more fun, but less cathartic.

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  1. There must be something in the air. I've been sorting too, though not through closets but through files cabinets and file boxes. I sort, Dave does a second sort to make sure I haven't accidentally missed something important and then what doesn't need to be keep for tax purposes or proof of payment, etc gets shredded. I'm a paper hoarder, I guess (all neatly categorized and filed.) Well, it's time for the majority of this stuff to go so that I can downsize my filing system. I mean, honestly... I have the instruction manuals and warranty cards for VCRs we don't even own anymore.


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