Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Berni will be faster?

Berni, when she first arrived
Berni, my beloved vintage Bernina 830,  has been at the sewing machine spa for three weeks now. I miss her.
She is an older gal, built in 1979. She was given to me by a dear friend whose aunt had died. The machine had been well cared for and I used it for a few months before deciding it might be time for Berni to have some time off  and a tune up. Turns out that mechanically, she is doing great. Her electronics, however, need a bit of help. I called to check on her this morning. They are waiting for a couple of parts. Soon she will be back home.
"So, I was just wondering when my Bernina will be ready," I said.
"We are expecting the part in at the end of this week," said Fred, the sewing machine guru. "This is the best machine ever made. Ever. They were at their peak when this was made. Mechanically, it is perfect. It needs a bit of work in the electronics."
A few of her fancy stitches
"I am just wondering if it will be a bit faster when all this is done," I asked.
"Oh, yeah! Right now you were only working on half power," said Fred.
"Whaaaat? It goes faster than my new machine!"
"Yeah, I know, crazy, right?"
I really miss Berni, and I can't wait until we are creating together again. I just hope she will be patient with me as I struggle to catch up. After all, I am 18 years older than she is.
In the meantime, I am working on some presents, so I can't take photos. But, I will take them as they are completed and the post them after they are gifted.


  1. Just imagine how smoothly and happily (and QUICKLY!) she'll run when she comes back from her spa visit!

  2. P.S. I saw a picture of Katherine Heigl today - she's a member of Pinterest and has taken an interest in sewing --- guess what kind of sewing machine she bought? *cough*Bernina*cough* :D

  3. Nancy Lee I also have a "Berni" which I inherted from my MUM and she quilts better than my new Bernina 440. Runs much more smoother.
    Also have an older Bernia (my 21st gift) which now lives in Perth at my DD2s sew I have a machine there too.
    You will be delighted when Berni comes home after her spa......

  4. Don't you just love it when the Sewing Machine Doctor gives you good news? Have fun with Berni !


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