Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Manni-keen part deux

Isn't she finally lovely?
I finished the dress form pin cushion that I seriously messed up on FNSI. I learned my mistake was quite simply not taking enough time to watch the ENTIRE video tutorial.
Had I done so, I would have been reminded of my Aunt Rita's sewing lessons regarding setting in a sleeve to a shoulder seam. One must sew in the sleeve from one dot on the shoulder in the front, stop, back stitch, and then sew the sleeve in the other direction. This way, the fabric doesn't pull out of shape or get caught up in the ease created when joining a curve to a relatively straight seam. It's been too long since I sewed clothing...
This poor little dress form was so messed up that I took it completely apart, pressed it with some spray starch, transferred the markings, and started afresh. I am finally happy with it. It is going to be a gift soon.
It was a good lesson for me. The Internet can educate and inspire. There are a wealth of talented people willing to teach us new things. All we have to do is pay attention and watch until the very end of the presentation -- and hey -- maybe even take notes.
Here's the next little pincushion I am going to try: it's by Joel Dewberry and the tutorial and pattern are here.


  1. Ypu have done a beautiful job of the maniquin pincushion and the recipient is a very lucky lady.

  2. She's lovely, and definitely less gym teacherish ;) I'm having fun with the scraps of the floral fabric - they're going great in my string blocks :D

  3. Oh! She is soooo pretty!!! I want to make one! I'll have to add it to my ever growing list! =)


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