Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hello, my name is Nancy and I sew stuff...

In April, I will be part of the Creativ Festival in Toronto.
I will be hosting a make and take at A Needle Pulling Thread magazine's booth.
Presenters are allowed to bring three projects to illustrate what we do. Hmmm, just three? I do LOTS of things. How to combine all of them...
So I decided to use my GIANT Tilda Jewellery mannequin from Sew Sunny Homestyle.
I did this for FNSI in February -- and I finally got it to sit squarely on its candlestick/wooden plaque stand. Then, I gathered some objects to create a sort of talisman pin as a way to express myself. I made a ragged fabric flower, and used a scrap booking sentiment charm to tell the world I cherish the things I do -- even when they sometimes frustrate me.
I have a Tilda angel sewn and cutout, just not turned and stuffed -- yet. She will come along to the Festival. I think I will also bring along my little froggy.
I have no idea if these things will help people understand what I do, but I will have a great time talking about them.

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