Saturday, March 17, 2012

Manni-keen, and other FNSI tales

I invited myself over to Sandra's for Friday Night Sew In.
Our pal Amanda joined us for the fun. She and I made mannequin pin cushions, as presented on DYI Dish.
Amanda's pretty project
This a very easy, and very cute project. I love dress forms, and so does Amanda. It all looked so promising. I even found lovely fabrics and some thrift store finds to complete the mannequins.
Amanda did an amazing job. I did not.
After completely messing up the seam allowances, I produced a chunky chica instead of the shapely lady presented on the DIY Dish tutorial. SIGH!!!!!
Fixing fluffy
I am re-doing it. Yes, I will post it when I am satisfied.
On the up side, we had a wonderful time. I fixed Sandra's rusty scissors, a fluffy dinosaur she wasn't happy with, and I found her a template she needed for another project.
To paraphrase John Milton, "They also serve, who only sit and rip out seams..."
Thank you Sandra for lots of fun, and for taking the photos.
Check out the DIY Dish if you haven't already seen the great tutorials. It wasn't their fault. I didn't do 1/4 inch seams, and if you ignore the 1/4 inch seam, nothing good can happen.


  1. Yup yup yup your chica had a few too many cookies - at least it will be easier for her to drop a few than it has been for US, lOLOLOLOL!!! I can't believe I went for a year being unable to use those scissors and you fixed them in a matter of 2 minutes - you're a GODDESS, I say!! Now I need to get my butt in gear and finish that dinosaur *giggle* :D

  2. what a lovely idea,they look great.xx

  3. The maniquin looks great. I love the stand..

  4. what on earth had Sandra done to the scissors and the dinosaur!? Love the pincushion, just call it Wendy and say it's meant to be that shape, it's me to a T!


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