Friday, May 18, 2012

It's the unofficial start of Canadian summer!

Sum, sum, summertime...
This weekend is the unofficial start of summer in Canada. The old rhyme is "Horray, horray, it's the Queen's birthday, if we don't get a holiday, we'll all run away..."
In adulthood, this means loading the contents of your house into your car, drive north for three hours or so, unpack the car, remind the kids about bug spray, sunscreen and their hats -- all of which they have left at home on the table in the front hall. They run away to the lake, where they will stay for the whole long weekend.
The adults work for the rest of the day to remove the winter's grime from the cottage, cook dinner, sit by the lake until the blackflies come out. Once the blackflies start biting, we are driven indoors. I bring my stitch project. The thing is, on the May long weekend, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday are almost completely identical, except on Monday, we are loading some things back into the car, and then we sit on the highway, inching our way back home with all of the other cottagers.
I will be at home this weekend, but I am not doing Friday Night Sew In. I am working on my sewing machine cover's embroidery. It is nearly done.
Today, I did a new wreath for our front door. It is a Tilda-inspired frog wreath, featuring dragonflies, daisies and some solar-powered firefly effect lights which come on when it gets dark and go off  before dawn. The sort of ugly little solar panel could not be disguised, because it won't charge the lights if it is covered up. I am hoping the froggy will be so charming people won't notice the solar panel. I hope a lot of things. Have a magical weekend, y'all!


  1. its very cute Nancy Lee.xx

  2. Write "Tackle Box" on the panel with a permanent marker! :)

  3. The wreath is really cute... love the frog and dragonflies.

    Have a great long weekend. The traffic is already crazy up here!

    We started our weekend off with the tradition weinie roast and roasting marshmallows.

  4. How sweet!! Have a great long weekend, you guys seem to get so many public holidays!

  5. Yay for summertime. This long weekend has not disappointed us either "eh?" This is a wonderful start for this year's outdoor season.


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