Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Thelma and Louise go to a quilt store sale

Evidence of quilt shop sale...
Yesterday Sandra and I went to Country Concessions' annual sale in Cookstown ON, which is about 45 minutes from us. The fabrics were offered for between 65 to 80 per cent off.
Then, because we could, we also drove to Fabricland in Keswick, a town about 35 minutes north of us. We had never been to that location before. (Believe it or not).
At the quilt store, Sandra scored some drastically reduced threads, some really cute bug fabric, and she bought each of us an electric blue FriXion pen in electric blue. (Thanks, Sandra!) Apparently, lime green is the best colour to use because it shows up on both light and dark fabrics. Electric blue, according to the lady at the quilt store, is second best. These are cool pens. All marks disappear when ironed. Amazing!
As we were waiting for our fabrics to be cut, we collectively pawned through the fill-a-bag-for $7 scrap bin for buried treasure. We both found bits we liked.
Big finds of the day!
As usual, I went slightly nuts at the sale. This is largely because I never met a notion I didn't like. All were half price. I found a clever seam gauge that is small enough to travel in my sewing bag, a button hole cutter, a flexible ruler, a couple of wooden needle cases, a snag mender, and some mesh transfer material -- useful for embroidery projects.Then, I found two half price Fig Tree patterns. They screamed please take us home. There was really no need for the screaming. As soon as I saw them, they were in my hand.
My big fabric finds of the day were:
  1. Amy Butler Lotus fabric for 65 per cent off. (I'll take two meters, please.) 
  2. Fat quarters to use in a Father's Day project for my favourite newspaper man.
  3. Sweet Water fabrics  "Sunkissed" words for $6 a meter. I got 2.5 of that.
Yeah, like I needed more fabric. But it was so pretty, and so calling to me...
We finished off our big day out with lunch at a local 50s themed diner. I had onion rings with my burger. Sin on top of fabric sins...
OMG it was good.
The whole day was a bit like Thelma and Louise, minus the cowboy bar and the whole driving off the cliff thing...
I am currently working on some projects for some special graduation girls. All will be revealed very soon!


  1. lovely post Nancy Lee and what good bargains you both got.xx

  2. What fun! And you just never know when all those notions will come in handy.

  3. Oh and once again I'm sighing with jealousy! Whilst you too were having fun I was slogging it out at work... sob... no, don't feel guilty... sob...

  4. Next time come with us, Wendy - we'd be thrilled to have you!!! :D

    And a NEW adventure begins next week, Thelma and Louise style! ;)


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