Friday, May 11, 2012

Piecing it together

Some shopping ...
Sandra (my partner in all fabric crimes), and I were up bright an early this morning. It was time to go to Markham and renew our membership to Quilt A Bag. The membership has definite privileges, including a good deal on good threads, percentage off deals throughout the year, and a 25 per cent discount off one item per month. Not bad for a $10 annual investment. 
This year, QAB fabulous owners, Ann and Phoebe, are celebrating the second anniversary of the sweetest little quilt/bag supply store in Southern Ontario (in my opinion). Even though it is the store's birthday, we got some presents.
Sandra sweetly gave me with her gift, so I scored two cute little faux leather cherry charms.
We both received some hot fix iron crystals for renewing our membership.
Surprisingly, we found some fabric we needed. Hide the shock and surprise...
This summer, I will be working on a wall quilt while on holiday at the cottage, so I was hunting some sweet and quirky Japanese prints to include in the fabric mix. I also got some lovely Japanese linen/cotton, and cool Japanese bag handles for a new tote I have in the works.

... and some learning
We headed home, picked up some lunch on the way, picnicked on our back deck. At the end of lunch, Sandra announced it was time to teach me to paper piece.
This is a pattern she gave me for my birthday. She looked at it and announced it was going to fairly difficult for my first piece. But, she figured I had enough sewing experience to pull it off. It's nice to have friends that have that kind of confidence in you!
Eventually, I caught on. Boy, it is a challenge teaching your brain to work in opposite directions! My homework was that I had to finish the final sub section on my own -- in the time it took Sandra to hike back to her place -- about 20 minutes or so.
I think I did okay, but I might end up doing it again. I have a feeling I might have messed up the seam allowances on one side.
Ah well, I rarely get things complete right on the first try. I think it is part of my learning process to do a bunch of do-overs.
Sandra was an awesome teacher. Next week, we put the blocks together. Until then, I'll leave what it is to your vivid imaginations.
This is North American Mother's Day. Happy Mother's Day to us all! Whether or not we have children, the artsy women of the world are ever in the process of creating and encouraging others. Celebrate!


  1. Happy Mother's Day, I think you did a great job indeed, I love the colours. Big hugs, Margie.

  2. Happy Mother's Day, I think you did a great job indeed, I love the colours. Big hugs, Margie.

  3. I knew you could do it - I figured you'd do the whole last section, once you got started, lol! You now know how to paper piece - next up is assembling that block! Pick a day next week and we can play - maybe we can even time it so that Maria and Xena and I pick you up during our walk, and you can do the second half of the TREK with us, lol! (Maria said Xena would love having TWO aunties :D) :)

  4. what a wonderful time you had and some lovely buys there,well done,happy mother's day Nancy Lee.xx

  5. Hey well done you for learning something new! I'll have to get Sandra to teach me too!


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