Friday, June 15, 2012

Miss B went to Europe and brought me Tilda

Miss B celebrated earning her undergrad degree with a dream trip to the UK and a bit of Paris.
It was a wonderful opportunity, and she enjoyed every minute. She also went shopping a time or two, and she brought me several Tilda things and some Cath Kidson note cards. Miss B knows her mama well, bless her!
It felt like Christmas, honestly. (I may have squealed a couple of times.)
She has made me promise to actually use my treasures. I will try, but you know, it's Tilda. I won't be squandering it...
In other news, I harvested the first bit of my lavender. So lovely.
We had such a mild winter, I was a bit worried the plants had not fared well. There was a bit of winter kill, but lavender, like many shrubs, sprouts from the previous year's growth. Thankfully, I resisted the urge to prune too early. Most of the plants renewed themselves quite well, and even the winter killed bits have developed some lovely new growth at the base. I pruned the winter kill as I harvested the new buds. Now the plants look pretty as well as being productive. (That's MY long-term goal :-).....)
I am no gardener, but I have developed a genuine love of lavender. It is such fun to be able to use the lavender I have grown in my crafting.
I have three new plants in containers on the deck. In early fall, I will transplant them into the garden. This is the best way I have found to have well established shrubs that will survive year after year. The added bonus of growing lavender is that your hands smell so nice after working in the garden.


  1. Miss B dun did good!! ;) I'm fairly certain I heard you squealing all the way over at my house, but it was happy squealing, so all is well!!! I think I can smell your lavender over here too - is DIVINE!!!

  2. I think Miss B did very well bringing you Tilda Books....
    Lovley lavender too

  3. what a great haul! I'll bet you let Miss B to go the UK again!


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