Friday, June 8, 2012

Tilda is at it again!

This is Rian's shop logo
I belong to a facebook group called the Craft Cafe. They are a great bunch, and we seem to chat almost everyday about what we are up to with sewing, baking and various other handmade projects.
The group is largely European, so I have to suffer through seeing all the lovely Tilda fabrics, papers, stickers and various other products I can't get easily.
The girls of the cafe are friendly, supportive and fun. Their personalities just sparkle through their posts and the lovely photos they put up on the page.
One of the cafe girls, Rian, lives in Holland. She also recently launched a web shop entirely devoted to Tilda. The site is in Dutch and English, and Rian is willing and ready to help with any language challenges. I think I have finally found a place to get my little Tilda crowns.
Just recently, Rian shared with us that the new winter line has been launched, and she's placed an order for all sorts of products from it.
There is also a new Tilda book!
This means that the English version won't be available to pre-order until late July or mid-August. The quick screen shots Rian shared with us in the cafe were inspiring. There are lovely cream/burgundy floral prints, along with some fun wintry projects. The angel on the front cover of the book is tucked up in a bed with a lovely eiderdown. I might have to make her, and then try to explain to my nearest and dearest about why I seem to be playing with dolls all of a sudden.
I know, it is sort of weird to be so attached the work of one designer, but I think the whole Tilda esthetic speaks to me on some sort of elemental level. In short, Tilda makes me happy.
And now, I have a new book to look forward to, as well as a source for the supplies. I promise to keep my fellow English-speaking Tilda fans posted about when the new Tilda Winter book is available for pre-order. Watch this space!


  1. NANCY that's fabulous --- a source for your beloved Tilda goodies - I'm THRILLED for you, as I know how much you love that whole line! Me and zippers, you and Tilda - matches made in heaven, LOL!!! You should put a link to her store on your sidebar --- just sayin!! :D

    1. I should Sandra! I will chat with her on Monday and ask if I may do that. Look at you, with all the good ideas!

  2. So happy that you'll have a place to order your Tilda goodies. I was clicking around Rian's shop and it looks like there are all sorts of fun things available.

  3. Have you seen the magazine? It's a special Tilda magazine with some free fabric. I say free but the magazine is quite expensive!

  4. I can't find this Facebook page :(

    I've searched for Craft Cafe and The Craft Cafe and there are a few but none look 'right'. Any tips?


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