Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sew, pack and go!

Our friend Amanda is on holiday right now.
She took a really nice set of bags with her (if I do say myself, and I do).
Sandra and I did a zipper/tote bag set for Amanda's adventures.
We also entered it in the Purse Palozza challenge. Find out more about that here.
Sandra found the fabric for the set on a $2 a yard clearance table in the United States a while back. Amanda really liked the set, and is looking forward to looking stylish on her travels.
This pattern is from Sew Pretty Homestyle by Tone Finnanger.
The kanzashi flower is the "pointy" style, which is a bit of a departure for me. I usually do the rounded petal ones. I am getting better at folding them though. I have found that less pressing with the iron is the key for me.
Sandra's zippered pouches are, as ever, both useful and cute.
Well done to us, I say!


  1. I saw the zip bags on Sandra's blog and have been waiting to see the bag. The tote bag turned out great. I'm sure that Amanda will treasure the set you and Sandra made her.

    I do love that fabric and the flower you made goes with it perfectly.

  2. Well, I like it very much! If you need more information at

  3. I say so too! Love that style of bag, I really do need to attempt something from one of the many Tone Finnengan books I'm hoarding!


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