Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New beginnings and joyful bunting

Celebratory bunting in Queen's U colours

Paper Pieced gift pouch
Yesterday, we celebrated with my darling girl and her friends as they graduated from Queen's University. Miss B earned her Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Psychology, and will continue her education in the University of Ontario Institute of Information Technology's Bachelor of Education program starting in the fall. She wants to be an elementary school teacher.
There is no truth to the rumour that she will be doing research into the causes and long term effects of textile hoarding -- that is just her environment -- not her life's work.
No, her life's work will give me endless opportunities to sew and craft things for her classroom. So, really, a dream come true for me! I see a new Pintrest board coming on...
I did a few little things to celebrate her big day. I made some bunting in the Queen's U colours, and I did paper pieced blocks -- hearts in the same colours -- for her and her best friends.
Once the blocks were finished, I turned them into a little gift pouches, filled with fancy bath products and a bookstore gift card -- with instructions to get a trashy novel or two for the summer. (They have read enough serious works for now, I think.)
I made little quilt sleeves for the back of the blocks and ran a thin dowel through them, attached some hemp string, and they can hang them up if they wish.
It was so much fun to make some little keepsakes for clever young women who have been good friends and supporters to one another, and who deserve some down-time after all the hard work.
As we waited for the time appointed to retrieve her hood and gown, and pick up the convocation tickets, we had a nice breakfast and I was actually allowed to visit a lovely Kingston quilt store called Quilt and Stitch. I think my dear ones thought this might stop the tide of sentimental tears that kept flowing all day long. They were quite wrong, of course, but I didn't turn the trip down. I may be sappy, but I'm not silly ...
At the store, I found some Reunion by Sweet Water and some 40 per cent off Fig Tree and Co.'s Breakfast at Tiffany's. I also scored some little bits and pieces. More on that on another day.
After all our hot weather, my first crop of lavender is ready for harvesting. I am off to do that.
Have a handmade sort of day!


  1. Congratulations Miss B and friends ... I hear 50 Shades of Grey is a good read!!


  2. Congratulations to Miss B and her friends and also to you and husband... this is a momentous occasion for all of you!

    And happy lavender harvesting.

  3. Congratulations to the young 'uns, and to her proud mother!


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