Saturday, August 20, 2011

Friday Night Sew In: A mostly photo essay

Beginning to quilt the lining of my bag.
College boy and his ragged blanket!
Detail of the label: Steampunk cool!

 We took these photos because the boy came home from his friend's house before the light faded for the day.

Friday Night Sew In was another fun night at my house. Sandra came over and we worked and chatted away. As usual, I pulled things apart. The tote bag I did doesn't have a pocket because I could not make it work. So, I gave up. I am no hero -- especially over a pocket.
I still like the bag though. It has cute Japanese handles I found at Quilt a Bag in Markham ON. I made the bag once in the spring, but after a while I decided it was too tall. I cut it down and made a sturdy lining. Now it is ready for fall and winter's wet weather. It will eventually sport a Kanzashi flower.
Sandra made a bag designed to contain damp items, like washcloths used to wipe off baby faces. She planned to do another project, but forgot some things on her list, so did what she could, and then packed up for the night. All in all, another fun FNSI!

Friday night: pressing the quilted lining

Sandra's project and essential fuel.

Sandra coaxing waterproof fabric through my machine.

Cute Japanese handles: attach by hand, ice elbow, repeat.

Sadly, things on the list were not in Sandra's project bag.

Fabulous finishes for FNSI!


  1. Great finishes. Love the handles on your bag.

  2. I agree with Maria!! Thanks for another fun FNSI - sorry my cookies didn't suit, hehe. Although - that DID mean more for moi ;) I can't believe I forgot my templates .. which of course halted production of my entire 3 piece bag set - hopefully I'll be less forgetful next time *facepalm* :) I did get the set finished this morning though, because it was organized and ready to go, FNSI style :D

  3. Your son's rag quilt turned out great. It won't be long before the nights get chilly and he can sleep bundled in warmth and love.

    The bag you refashioned looks lovely.

  4. Such beautiful work, the bag is so nice, and the quilt a masterpiece. Sounds like a great friday night to me. big hugs, Margie.

  5. Wow, that bag is stunning! Well done you. What went wrong with the pocket? Was it a zip pocket?


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