Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A perfect day to meet a new old friend...

Blue-ti-ful drawstring bag & utterly charming squares
Quilt-a-Bag treasures -- strawberry purse handles!
 Today, Sandra and Susan -- a fellow SRRS (scholastic residence relocation specialist) met up for a day out that included lunch and a trip to Quilt a Bag in Markham, Ontario.
We have been "visiting" with Susan for sometime now through her blog. (Check out Susan's tutorial for her grommet gift bags)
She is in town to move her student into the new college semester, so we decided to get together.
What a wonderful day it was! We started chatting like dear old friends right away.
We did a little gift swap -- see my new blue drawstring bag and pretty charm squares? The bag has a polka dot top. Too delish!
At Quilt-a-Bag, we found wonderful fabric and bag making treasures. I love the new purse handles I found. They are strawberries! I also found red and white polka dot linen/cotton fabric. As ever, it was fun to visit Ann -- and we missed Phoebe who was away for the day.
Susan, Sandra and I really enjoyed our day out together, proving once again that those who sew make friends stitch by stitch.
Thank you ladies, this was a gift of a day!

Just bragging about this year's lavender...


  1. I like that - a new old friend - very appropos! It WAS fun yesterday - I'm so glad Susan could make it over to visit with us, even if she didn't have a cape, LOL!!

    We'll have to have a hen party to learn how to use our new purse closure hardware!

  2. Meeting you and Sandra was so much fun. It really did feel like old friends getting reacquainted over lunch and a bit of shopping. I hope we can do it again next time I'm up in Canada... or if you and Sandra take a round trip down this way.


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