Monday, August 22, 2011

A renewed case of Tilda love!

The last time I was a fan it was 1971 and Donny Osmond ruled my heart.
I begged for my room to be purple (that was Donny's fav colour). I wore out Puppy Love on my Swingster portable record player. I was allowed one poster, and it was taped to my closet door.
My Tilda library
In the summer of 1972, a friend and I won a radio phone in contest to get to ask Donny a question.
I asked him if her ever got nervous before he sang before thousands of screaming girls.
He started his answer by repeating my name. It was BLISS! I don't even remember his answer.
I got over it all by the time I discovered Queen, RUSH, Gordon Lightfoot and Ian Thomas.
My room, however, remained purple until the day I left my parents' home.
Fast forward a few decades and I find myself back in fandom. Although this time, it all about lovely fabrics, gorgeous photographs.
I speak, of course, of Tilda's world.
I just received the new book, Tilda's Studio,  in the mail on Friday. I took it to the cottage with me on the weekend to look it over. I am not disappointed. There are some reviewers who have expressed disappointment that the projects featured are not "new". What does this mean?
The book and treasures from Tilda's world
Tone Finnanger has been creating this brand, this palette, this esthetic for almost 10 years now. It is difficult to always come up with new, different and fresh. I think many of the projects featured in Tilda's Studio are the classics revisited. The photos are just as lovely, the ideas are presented with the same quirky vibe. I have already picked a waterlily to be my first project from the book, followed closely by a cockatiel.
In Europe, the Tilda brand includes scrapbook papers and accessories, as well as ribbons and notions. We can't get them here in North America. Nor can we easily get the fabrics, but my lovely friend Wendy has been kind (hugs to her) and now have some very special pieces of fabric which will likely find their way into the projects (if I can bring myself to cut them).
In the foreword, Tone writes that her mother passed away in March after a long, tough illness. The fact that this book came together, along with a new fabric line, is a testament to her work ethic and her commitment to the Tilda ideal.
The waterlily is project one!
She mentions in the foreword that creativity has been her therapy. I can relate to that on many levels. There is nothing so soothing to me than to pick up a needle, or sit before a machine and focus my energy on doing something positive when all the negative stuff is threatening to break down the door.
I think that is why I want to live in Tilda's world -- and I promise not to paint the walls purple!


  1. Oh my goodness, you brought back memories. Except I was fickle, I had several posters on the slanted ceiling on my side of the room over my bed. There was Donny Osmond, Andy Gibb, John Travolta, Shawn Cassidy and Parker Stevenson (The Hardy Boys). And I've probably forgotten a few as the ceiling was plastered with posters.

    I believe the need to create is fundamental to our basic nature and that's why doing so brings the positive into our lives. Tilda, through her books, is spreading that positive energy to you and others who love her work. That radiates outward and that can only be a good thing.

  2. I want to waterlily with you - I think it would make a spectacular embellishment for ... oh ... a zipper bag or a tote bag or a covered notebook cover ... or a brooch? I can't tell what size it is, but of course that aspect is adjustable :D

    I think you should paint your kitchen PURPLE!

  3. Donny Osmond?? Oh dear...

    Looking forward to seeing your projects from the new book. Did you know she's got a website? I was looking for her blog but she doesn't appear to have one:


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