Sunday, August 28, 2011

Moving out and moving in

"If I pose, will you go home?"
Today, our son moved into his dorm room. He packed pretty light -- in fact, he was missing a few essentials -- but he has a stylin' rag quilt.
This week, in addition to filling in some the gaps his boy brain allowed in his packing list (yes, you will need more than six pairs of socks for the school year) -- I will be making a present for another special little boy who is turning one very soon.
In less than two weeks, we will be meeting him for the first time since he was born. Hence, I have a deadline -- and a bit of secret, since many of the key players are readers of this blog.
View one has bobble trim!
The present will comprise a classic design for a cuddly toy, dressed in togs from a vintage pattern from 1957. I found the pattern on ebay not long ago, and paid a pittance for it. (I recently saw it listed from another seller for US$31.99!)  The second part of the gift comes from a pre-printed design panel gifted to me by my partner in all fabric crimes, Sandra. Intrigued, aren't you? I will take photos and post them as soon as the gift is given.
Speaking of vintage patterns, I found one at Value Village last week. It was published in 1969 and is for a groovy kaftan. Honestly, it is a very stylish Snuggy. I will be making myself one of these out of micro polar fleece for the coming winter. I might even elect to do View 1, featuring bobble trim because I do like me some bobble trim!
In other exciting news, we have a visitor from a foreign land visiting us this week. The visit will include lunch and a trip to a quilt store. Even more intrigue! I will write about that later -- there might even be photos.


  1. I know what the secrets are *singsong voice* :D I'm looking forward to seeing photos of - not only the baby gifties, but the baby himself with his Canadian "admirers"!

    OMG D looks so grown up and handsome, sniff sniff!

    I too am looking forward to our visitor from far off places!

    BTW - my mom, many years ago, made my sister and I caftans in a design very similar to the one you have posted. Mine was peach veloury fleecey fabric, my older sister's was dark hot pink. She didn't like hers or it was too big for her (I can't recall) so I - happily - ended up with both of them - SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!! (Hopefully I didn't just steal hers, ACK!) :)

  2. Oh oh oh! Am I one of those key players? Oh hang on, I don't have a baby boy or any plans to meet you this week (sadly). it's not me is it?


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