Monday, August 15, 2011

Just looking at IKEA fabric and other scenes from a Sunday

I am finally finished the major de-cluttering of the den. The dear ones took the old computer equipment to the electronic recycling facility. They said it looked like a scene from the movie, Wall-E. Where old electronics go to die...
Off to college...he grew up a lot
This week, I am working on my son's dorm room rag quilt. It consists of 13 inch squares of flannel in all kinds of colours. The quilt will be a surprise -- as long as he doesn't decide to read my blog this week...
I can't believe my boy is off to college next week (so much for just in time delivery).
The whole family ended up at IKEA yesterday to shop for his duvet, duvet cover, and sheets. We were going to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II, and IKEA was right there.
We had time before the film started, so over we went. Normally, we don't go shopping as a family since dear husband HATES shopping.
Our son picked out a really funky blue dots design for the duvet cover and quite masculine navy blue sheets. His duvet is a lightweight one, on the advice of his sister. (She spent a year in a dorm slowly being steamed like a burrito every night because her duvet was too warm. I made her a quilt too and she uses it for TV watching and slumber parties)
He also bought some coat hangers, which if you knew him, you would find hilarious. Apparently, while living on his own, he plans to hang things up in a closet, as opposed to throwing them around the room as he does here at home.
It was quite a picture watching dear husband wheel the wonky-wheeled shopping cart around as dear daughter and I led the boys on a merry chase through the store. They kept muttering things about how often we go there because we knew where everything is...
At one point, I found myself in the textile section -- I don't know how that happens -- it just does. Anyway, I was admiring some cheerful red and white stripped ticking. Dear husband whipped around, cart and all: "Didn't you just get rid of fabric? Why are you looking at more?"
Fair question. Of course, I was JUST LOOKING. However, there was no need to create a scene.
I will post a photo when I get some squares sewn together for the rag quilt.
I would have posted the mountain of laundry I did today in order to pack the boy up for school, but who the heck needs to see something like that?
Although, I did manage to discover where all our large towels had gone...


  1. Isn't it amazing how time passes so quickly. It seems only a few days ago that we were picking our youngest up to bring him home from his first year of college to spend the summer and in a couple of weeks, I'll be driving him back up.

    Best wishes for getting your son settled into college. That first year of college is an adventure for both the child and the parents.

  2. Heehee what a precious picture!

    I know what you mean about looking at fabric (especially at Ikea - YUM!) after a destash - not everyone understands the physics of exactly how that goes together - I know, as do other people with a stash - WE UNDERSTAND!!! ;)

    I'll get to see his quilt on Friday night ... and I'll see you in about *checks time* 30 minutes! MANGO TANGO TIME!!

    (My word verification word is mondstsh - isn't that the current internet lingo for mondo stash??!! How appropos!!!)

  3. P.S. I want to see a picture of laundry mountain!


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