Monday, September 12, 2011

Cheeky monkey hijinks

The monkey and his book
When you get a new sock monkey, bite its tail
Ta da! Here is what I was working on last week in anticipation of meeting my newest and cutest cousin. He lives far away from Canada, and so his visit warranted a command performance of several members of his Ontario family at his Nonna and Dado's house. Nonna Stella is my first cousin, and we are pretty close.
When she learned she was going to be grandmama last year it was quite exciting for everyone.
Lauren, her daughter, is married to a chef  and they both work on an island paradise.
Liam is very smiley and the least fussy baby I've ever met. Living in a tropical wonderland, he's got that "don't worry be happy" thing going on!
We all had a little time together this weekend, and of course, there were presents involved.
Liam's first birthday is coming up soon, so I made him a sock monkey dressed in overalls. I also made him 5 Funky Monkeys -- a fabric book from Erin Michaels' line of sock monkey fabric from Moda.
I made the monkey's overalls from a vintage pattern. I stupidly did not check to make sure the monkey I was making was of the same proportions as the vintage monkey. He was not. It was so sad that his overalls did not fit. I did not cry.
I pulled out my old proportional wheel and resized the pattern on a copier at  Staples so I could use 11x17 paper.
Fortunately, I had extra fabric, so I made a bigger pair of overalls. I used felt for the eyes and the overall buttons because Liam doesn't know yet that buttons are not a delicious treat.
Liam found the monkey delicious
Now, I will have to make a smaller sock monkey -- I might as well, I already have the overalls.

It was such a pleasure to make a couple of things for a dear little boy who lives so far away. We might not always be able to visit him, but he will have little handmade reminders that there are lots of people in the world who love him very much.


  1. Is it wrong that I want to pinch and then nibble on Monkey and Liam's chubby little cheeks? Naaaaaaaaaaah that can't be wrong - they're both so chompable! Hi there little Liam - I bet grandma Stella didn't want to share you for very long with (second?) cousin Nancy!! What did you think of Canada, young man - a little bit different than your island paradise, I think!

  2. Awwww... those are adorable pictures of Liam with his new sock monkey. I'm sure it will become one of his favourite cuddle toys.

    And I'll bet the monkey and book were fun to make all the while thinking about the little boy who would receive them. He may not get to see you often, but he'll grow up knowing that love was sewn into every stitch.


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