Monday, September 5, 2011

It's a long weekend Monday

It is a long weekend Monday. I am at home working on my projects. There's a nip in the air today, and it looks like rain. It's the perfect weather to make a nice lemon loaf to compensate for the left overs we'll be having for dinner this evening.
Since the dear boy moved to college, I am having trouble compensating in the quantities of meals I cook.
We have a lot of left overs so far and it has only been a week! right now in the fridge, we have bits of every meal we ate from Thursday onward, but
Look ! A gift bag!
there are no lemons there. There is no bottle of Real Lemon in there either.
Sigh. I will now think of plan B. Hey, blueberry starts with the letter B. I could make a blueberry loaf. There. Settled. I will get away from the computer and make a blueberry loaf.
But until I escape to the kitchen,  I must report that since I don't sleep well when it's just me and mom in the house, I did some Internet shopping early, early this morning. 
I have ordered --- drum roll please --- Tilda's Winter Ideas from Book Depository. 
This a pre-order. The book is due out in 81 days...its okay, I can wait.
Sweet Santa!
I blame Panduro Hobby. They sent me a catalogue -- hence the photos I share with you here. They have a whole Tilda section...pages and pages of Tilda things.
There was news of a new small book. Only it is in Norwegian -- and with a different title, but that's Tilda for ya. The new larger book, Tilda's Studio, has a different cover and title than the Norwegian edition.
Heavenly Tilda angels!
I considered getting the new Christmas one in Norwegian, but with Panduro, orders have to total more than I am able spend in Euros before they will process the order. Sigh. This is like not having lemons when you want to make a lemon loaf.
But then, late night brain wave me -- and it wasn't about lemons.
I searched Book Depository, which is based in Guernsey in the Channel Islands off the coast of the UK. They ship for free anywhere in the world, and they have an awesome inventory. There it was, a pre-order option -- and in English. It is so "pre-order" they don't have a photo of the cover yet. No matter. Me want.
Click. Click. Click. Done.
However, I am still loving the catalogue, even though it would cost me the earth to buy anything in it. Sometimes, it's all about the eye candy.


  1. ooh a new Tilda book?? Thanks for the heads up!That little Santa looks v cute.

  2. Half the fun of pre-ordering books is the anticipation of when it will arrive. And knowing how much you love all things Tilda, it's sure to brighten your day when it does finally arrive.

  3. So glad you found your book choice in English! The Tilda patterns are so cute.

  4. "Do you have" works both ways, you know - I have both real lemons and Real Lemon :D However, blueberries are equally luscious, so I think that was a win/win situation :D It's going to take you a while to rejig the amount you cook - especially since the ratio is going to change again (today? this week, certainly!)!

    I'm rather partial to that beautiful red Christmas gift bag (with the ruffle) - we'll have to have a gift bag making tornado night when the book arrives!


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