Thursday, September 29, 2011

The big chill is on its way!

Purple awesomeness!
We are admiring the colours of fall around here -- although in the last few days it has been hot and sticky. Weird.
Nonetheless, I am doing my third infinity scarf in single crochet. This yarn is called lilac. I love the variegated yarns -- it is so much fun to see where the colours will end up.
I have always had a hard time knitting and crocheting. Call it a mental block or whatever, but I have such a hard time keeping track of the stitches. I am forever adding and dropping them -- and I can't read a pattern to save my life. However, this year, I fired up the Internet and found some youtube tutorials conducted by knowledgeable and patient teachers who didn't seem to mind when I would pause and re-wind them.
Once I worked out how not to mess up, I decided to get a few giant balls of yarn at Michaels ( I had 50 per cent off coupons) and just started crocheting away the evenings -- which seem to start earlier and earlier with each passing day at this time of year.
I managed to surprise myself by finishing one, then and another, and then starting this one -- which will likely be finished by next week.
These warm and wooly infinity scarves are going to be Christmas presents for some friends who have dogs and will need a warm scarf (that can also become a hat) when the winds start to howl and the snow flies.
I have also begun my list of gifts to be made. Once the list is on paper, I consider it carved in stone and I will work through it no matter what. The trick is to start before December 20 -- don't ask...


  1. I *love* that multi-coloured wool. Someone made my son a cardi with wool just like that...I did try to stretch it but it just wouldn't fit me :(

  2. I fondled that yarn last night. SORRY!! I just couldn't resist - it was so soft and pretty!

  3. Ah... the sewing right before Christmas thing... that happens around here too. Part of the problem for me is that I'll suddenly get an inspiration for a gift in those last few days before Christmas and it's usually for the person who is hardest to make for and so when inspiration strike, I'm off and sewing.


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