Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lunchtime just got cute!

Styling lunch bag for back to university!
Ayumi@Pink Penguin has a wonderful set of tutorials. This is the second time I've done this bento box bag. The first one I did earlier this summer was a challenge because I kept messing up the instructions. This time, I slowed down, pressed every seam very well -- and took my time. I only had to unpick the handles -- and that was because I wasn't happy with the top stitching!
The details...
This bag is birthday gift/back to school present for a young friend who is finishing up her undergrad degree this year. She'll be putting long hours in at school and at her job, so I thought she might appreciate a cute lunch tote.
What you can't see is the red polka dot lining -- a water resistant fabric that Suddenly Sandra brought me back from her last jaunt stateside -- a treasure from Joanne's remnant bin hunt. Not only does this stuff resist water, it holds it! I poured some water into the little cone you get when you cut off the boxed corner of the lunch bag. It could have been a drinking glass! It will be great to keep a little spill of salad dressing or whatever from spoiling the interior.
Now, I move onto the toddler present portion of my sewing projects for this week. I will post pics of them after they are presented to the young man in question. I can't wait to meet him -- I've only seen him in pictures.
In the meantime, check out Pink Penguin. There's almost always something cute, useful and artsy going on over there -- and sometimes, there are fabric treats listed on Etsy, but more on that later as well.


  1. What a lovely lunch bag and so nice of you to make it for a friend. I used the pattern idea to convert a tote bag into a knitting bag with the drawstring top. I can pull up the wool without the ball going everywhere. I love Pink Penguin too.

  2. It's fantastic Nancy! She's going to be well chuffed, gorgeous project.

  3. OK - seriously - I need to make that bag - I even have one (flamingos, gifted to me by noblog Julie in 'bama!) - it would make a wonderful Christmas (or birthday, or anytime) gift!


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