Saturday, September 17, 2011

Flying solo on FNSI

Nary a tissue in sight...

Sadly, I have some kind of head cold thing going on right now. Could be allergies, could be a virus. My head feels too heavy for my shoulders, and that makes me sad.
FNSI for me was a solo performance. I missed Sandra, but I am pretty sure she could do without my tissue issues.
I really wanted to sit in my recliner and sulk, but that seemed kind of counterproductive on FNSI. I succumbed the virtual peer pressure of working with more than 150 crafters worldwide and finished my CROCHET infinity scarf. Yep, I finally learned to crochet without dropping stitches and making a general mess -- especially at the sides. This scarf is only done in single crochet -- so easy -- and uses almost all of Michaels' Impeccable Giant Ball of 4-ply worsted weight yarn. I chained 50 stitches on a number 6 hook and then just kept on going until the yarn was nearly gone. Then, I joined up the two ends to make a giant loop scarf. This colour is called Neapolitan. Can you guess why? 
I had cut out some Tilda's Studio waterlilies earlier in the week -- two small and one large, so I figured I might as well give them a go. (aka the Sudafed was doing its job). I finished one little one, and I quite like the way it worked out. I also pulled out my collection of Pima paper flowers for the centres.
Details -- the little Pima paper flowers
Water lilies are special to me because they were in my silk wedding bouquet 27 years ago this coming Thursday. I have always loved ponds, cool forest glades, turtles, little frogs and waterlilies, so I asked the florist to create a bouquet with a silk waterlily as its focus. He thought it was weird, but he did it anyway. Even he loved the end result. That's me, daring to be different!
All in all, not a horrible FNSI, but not quite a much fun as last month's edition.


  1. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well.
    Great work on your FNSI project.
    Maybe it will be more fun next month.

  2. Way to go on the crocheting, Nancy. And hope you feel better soon.

    Wishing you a Happy Anniversary a little early. I'll bet your wedding bouquet was beautiful. Mine were traditional red silk roses but they went well with the Valentine's Day theme of red hearts and little cherubs.

    I really like the fabric waterlily. It turned out great.

  3. Your scarf is beautiful, and the waterlilies are so pretty too. Sorry to hear you have not being feeling well, hope you feel better soon. Big hugs, Margie

  4. Nice job on your FNSI finish - especially while you weren't feeling well. I am also a fan of daring to be different :-)

  5. Sorry to hear you're ill, hope you get better soon. Well done on the crochet blanket! Have you got the bug now?
    The flower is beautiful, love it! Is that from the new Tilda book? And congratulations on 27 years of marriage!! Wow, that is something!

  6. Tissue issues is a bummer. I need to get my crochet out soon!! (still too hot). Congrats on 27yrs:)

  7. WOW 27 years - you and hubby are old fuddy duddies! My hubby and I are newlyweds compared to you - only 26 years ... HA!!!!

    I get to see these goodies in person - you'll be able to wear that scarf soon enough, for our walks!

  8. The scarf is beautiful! I love the colors. i hope you are feeling better. The weather here has been a roller coaster lately cool and low humidity for a few days then back to the heat and cool again. Don't get me wrong we are enjoying the break from the heat, but it's playing havoc on everyone's sinus'! Happy upcoming anniversay.. congrats!


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