Thursday, November 1, 2012

At present, I am working on presents

Lavender berries
I have been making gifts for people lately.
First, I made a jar filled with lavender berries. My daughter completed her first practical teaching assignment, and wanted to give the associate teacher a thank you gift.
She loves these strawberries, and she has commissioned several sets of these over the last few months for gifts. Her teaching associate loved the gift.
These strawberries are filled with some of my lavender and a drop of lavender essential oil. They are sealed in a mason jar, which I converted into a pincushion. The fragrance fills the room when you open the jar.
The tag is an idea acquired from the nana company. I just love this blog and the very sweet ideas presented there.
I even taught myself how to set an eyelet. I was going to brazen it out with a hammer, and the setting tool provided in the package of eyelets, but Michaels had a 50 per cent off coupon in their e-mail coupons last week. I splashed out on an eyelet setting tool, can also be used to set snaps and rhinestones. This is a tool I will be using a lot. I can see me making more of these tags. I loved the look of the whole package once it was put together.
I printed a computer tag and attached it to the back of the tag. I then attached the whole label to the jar with baker's twine.
Cute bug!
The second gift I worked on this week is a present for my dear friend who has a birthday next week. She loves to garden, and I will be putting a flower pot together filled with some treats and this little bug, which is from the book Tilda's Spring Ideas. She was leafing through the book a while bag and said she loved him. I made a mental note, and using some real Tilda fabric from an ebay seller in the UK, I made him for her.
Now that I am in gift mode, I guess the time has come to start cracking on with the Christmas presents. At least, this is what all the incessant television ads tell us.
What are you working on this coming weekend?


  1. What great gifts. I'm sure they were and in the case of the second one, will be loved. That little Tilda bug is just so cute.

    I finished two small projects today and hope to get a couple more finished tomorrow. I've also got two tutorials that need to have the photos resized and then step by step instructions written for them.

  2. Pretty berries ... pretty tag ... cutie bug! I made her something too - good thing she doesn't read our blogs, lol.

    Next week we have to get together and have a Christmas sew-in - and we have to see if Stella can pick up some fabric for us in Stittsville - that store sells Winterkist and will sell 1/4y (not m) cuts! (And allows pick-up if arrangements are made first) :)

  3. Oh how wonderful! You really do have a knack for coming up with the perfect gift!

  4. Your gift making is so gorgeous, I love them!


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