Friday, November 2, 2012

In just 147 days... the newest Tilda book!

Oooo, this will be worth the wait!
Look what I just pre-ordered from The Book Depository. Yep, that is the new Tilda book. It is called Fairy Tale Wonderland, but there's a lot of Christmas-y type projects in it.
The fact is that the book has been out in Europe since this past September, but in Norwegian. I can't believe how long it has taken to publish the English version, but then again, I have a feeling the company involved isn't really aware of how global the Tilda fan base has become. It is really the only explanation for delaying the book's English publication until AFTER the Christmas buying and crafting season. But, better late than never!
The book features characters from several well known fairy tales like The Steadfast Tin Soldier and The Princess and the Pea. There are also cute teacup angels, a teapot pincushion, the sweetest little standing deer, and Pinocchio.
The fabrics used in the projects are also new. The palette has a vintage feel, full of soft blues, muted greys and greens.
Even before I saw the book, I ordered a few of the fabrics from my favourite webshop,
The site is in Dutch, however, Google Translate is a great resource to help work out how to order. In addition, Rian, the webshop owner, could not be more helpful when it comes to helping her customers find their Tilda heart's desire. Not long ago, she offered some of the scraps she had left over from doing her own Tilda projects. These scrap bags gave me a chance to use a wider range of Tilda fabrics for small projects like covered buttons or the little flowers featured in the Spring Ideas book. And, for reasons I don't completely understand, I just really love scraps. Tilda scraps? What could be better?
Okay, this is going to be a long 147 days...being a Tilda fan involves developing a lot of patience.


  1. Perhaps some Winterkist will help ease the pain? And which comes out first - Tilda or Ayumi? You have FUN things a coming in your mail ... eventually, LOL!

  2. Nancy, is it out in England before then? If so, I can get it for you and send it over?

  3. Oh, thanks for letting us know Nancy. I can't get over that adorable book cover. It is just cruel to make us wait this long for an english version. I will try to pre-order, too. As you point out, the Tilda's World fan base is certainly growing. I can tell even from my blog. The post I did on Tilda's World is my most popular one ever visited.
    Take care and happy Xmas crafting!
    xo, Susan

  4. Oh wow Nancy, I'm off to pre order this book right now to, It looks beautiful.


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