Sunday, November 25, 2012

Little bitty baby quilt

Rainbow in the clouds quilt
I haven't been to a baby shower for ages!
Well, now that my eldest has entered her mid-20s, the baby showers are back in the picture.
This is a little stroller/carriage sized quilt for a little girl who is due to arrive in early February.
This is small size was perfect for finishing with little details like the hand appliqued clouds and rain drops, the swirly curly cues in the clouds and the outline quilting around the raindrops.
Doing the rainbow sections was a fun trip through my stash. And the sky blue was discovered on a trip to the Keswick ON Fabricland with Sandra. It was perfect and $3 per meter so I got enough for backing as well.
I was really pleased with the way it turned out, and the mamma to be liked it very much.
The idea for the quilt came from the book All Sewn Up by Chloe Owens.
I bought the book for the projects, not the fabrics used. There is an extensive use of "vintage" sheets. Or as I call them, sheets (the ones that I used to sleep under before I myself became vintage.)
Now, maybe I am just a cranky old broad with no sense of style, but every time I see vintage sheets in a project, I am reminded of hanging out four sets of bedding every Saturday morning on our family's clothesline. This had to be done PERFECTLY, with no wrinkles -- and to my mother's satisfaction, using three pegs per sheet -- two pegs either end and one in the middle. She was quite specific about it. I have no idea why. I never did. Frankly, I didn't care. This task was virtually impossible for me to do correctly -- and I wanted to be doing ANYTHING else on a fine, fair Saturday. Every time I see a sheet from the 1970s, it reminds me of the task.
Nope, I much prefer to use the beautiful cottons currently available.
I also wanted to share a photo of a Tilda sewing kit I made for Leanne in Australia. She has also blogged about our swap, and has some lovely images about Spring, which is nice to see in the midst of our impending winter.
This week in vintage shopping, I dropped a donation off at the thrift store.
Well, I was there, wasn't I? Naturally, I had a tour around.
I found some bottle brush Christmas trees (dearly love them) and more old buttons -- love, love, love  old buttons! Once I have sorted them, I will post a shot of the booty.


  1. The quilt is gorgeous, and new momma will, I'm sure (since she's friends with Miss B!), appreciate the time and effort behind your darling gift :)

    WOW your needlecase is amazing - you put a lot of work into that, and it shows - it's just adorable! The accessories are just perfect - I bet she LOVED it!

    I do have to agree about the fabrics in that book but I think you're being kind - the projects are cute but DAMN the fabrics are ... not to my taste either :D

  2. Loved Tilda sewing kit! So cute!

  3. What a sweet little baby quilt! And that sewing kit you made for Leanne is great.

    I didn't mind hanging the sheets on the line, it was taking them off the line, frozen stiff in the winter and then bending them over the wooden clothes racks to finish drying that was the real chore. By the time we were done, our hands were almost frozen themselves. I can't tell you how rich I felt when we finally got a dryer.

  4. Oh so beautiful! I love that quilt and think it's definitely better not made from "vintage" sheets. I doubt the whole vintage sheet thing anyway - if you buy it from a charity shop, how can you possibly know if it's vintage, the doner might have bought it the week before and decided they didn't like it!


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