Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Swapping the love!

Stitching envelope by Leanne
The great thing about stitching, creating and writing about it all is "meeting" up with like-minded folks from all over the world.
Teacup dolly 1
I am very lucky to have the opportunity to chat almost every day with a lot of really lovely people, most of whom I have never actually met, but I am getting to know through our shared love of creating.
Recently, Leanne of Lizzie the Quilter fame, wrote asking if I would like to do a swap focused on our shared love of Tilda by Tone Finnanger.
We mulled over what we could swap, based on the fact that postal rates in Canada and Australia are both insane and -- dare I say -- usurious. We settled on something that was fairly flat, and from any of our favourite Tilda books.
Teacup dolly 2
I settled on the retro-inspired sewing kit from the recent Tilda's Spring Ideas book. Fortunately, it was not only flat, but also lightweight.Leanne sent me a lovely sewing envelope bag which is made from Tilda fabric inside and out. It is so nice to have this lovely bag to stash my stitching projects when I am on the go.
Thank you so much, Leanne! I will think of you doing your stitching on the other end of the world, while I am doing mine here, all because of the pretty envelope bag you made just for me.
In other news, the snow has started to sprinkle down from the heavens here. That can mean only one thing: time for the menfolk to make the ice rink frame
It was ridiculously warm on Sunday, so the boys were out framing the ice palace pad in preparation for the arrival of the giant plastic liner. After that, it's the start of the flooding and the thrill of the freeze.
As for me, I am staying inside, near the sewing machine, to make some little teacup dollies for Christmas gifts. They are but the first in long list of makes. How does Santa do it?
Framing the rink, 2012
Oh yeah, I gotta get me some elves....
Have a wonderful day everyone, and remember to share the love that comes from creating.


  1. Definitely usurious - obviously the pirates of yore honed their craft by studying the usuriosity (if it wasn't before, it is NOW) of Canada Post.

    Sweet bag, sweet teacup dollies :D Hope D and D had fun getting the rink ready - it really WAS glorious outside on Sunday and yesterday!

  2. Great minds think alike Nancy, I was just taking photos of the beautiful project you sent me to blog about tonight. So glad you liked your bag.

    Happy sewing.

  3. oh how lovely, that fabric on the envelope is gorgeous, and how cute or the dolls!

  4. The little stitchery envelope is so feminine and pretty.

    And those tea cup dolls are adorable.

    My elves seem to have gone on strike. So progress on Christmas gifts is slow.

  5. Your little teacup angels are gorgeous.


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