Monday, November 26, 2012

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

This is the bit of last year's Christmas tree.
Here is today's festive fun! I decorated the little bit of last year's Christmas tree.
When you have a real tree, you make a fresh cut to the trunk when you get it home, then you put the tree into a bucket of warm water which has tree preservative added to it. It really helps to keep the tree fresh before you wrestle it into the stand.
I used texture mediums to create the ground cover. The mercury glass beads on the large bottle brush tree are from the 1950s. The trees are new from Michaels, as is the little deer. The mushrooms were acquired years ago at a closing out sale of a large gift ware company here in Canada. I have hung on to a little box of 10 mushroom stems for ages. Now, three of them have found a home.
When this is fully dry, it will be displayed in a bell jar.


  1. That is SOoooooooooooo deliciously vintage - love it!

  2. What a sweet little decoration and a wonderful way to carry forward last Christmas to this!


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