Thursday, October 6, 2011

Giving thanks for that awesome turkey stuffing!

Putting the yummmmm in turkey stuffing ....
This weekend Canada celebrates thanksgiving. We don't have the back story commemorated in the U.S. in November -- featuring Mayflower pilgrims feasting with the natives. In Canada, it is more of a celebration of the harvest -- and for me -- getting through another humid summer.
We spend the weekend getting the family cottage ready for its long winter's nap. While the workers (see also kids and their cousins) pull in the dock, winterize the boat and do the hundreds of other little tasks required before bidding farewell to the lake, Mr. D and I wrestle a 25 pound stuffed turkey into the oven. We went out yesterday morning to get it. along with an extra turkey breast to make sure there are enough leftovers for Monday's late lunch.
I truly love doing the roast turkey dinner. My favourite part is the stuffing. For me it is potpourri you can eat! In just three sleeps I will smell the heavenly aroma once more...
The stuffing is made with summer savoury, onions, bread cubes, salt, pepper, ginger and thyme. The savoury is grown in Newfoundland and there is nothing to compare the flavour it gives the dressing. It is herbaceous and spicy -- intriguing -- and wonderful.
Someone in the family is always going to St. John's, so that's when I stick my oar in and ask for some Mt. Scio Savoury. They probably do mail order, but it is kind of cool to harken back to a time when you had to bring it back in your suitcase -- next to the frozen cod tongues (that's another story).
The autumn wreath I made YEARS ago
My Dad actually taught me to make dressing. He was the one who cooked the major holiday meals at our house. Every time I mince up three whole onions, slice the two loaves of bread three days ahead of time to get it to dry out, and then cube up the dried bread, I hear him telling me to make the bread cubes smaller, but make the onions more chunky so they don't melt into the bird.
He wasn't a patient teacher, but that dressing is a miracle. I would try and share it here, but it isn't a recipe so much as a method -- and Mr. D. won't be able to taste it to tell you if it needs more salt or savoury...
I would like to share the grace we will say this Sunday as we gather around a groaning table by the lake:
For food, when so many are hungry
For peace, when so many know only war,
For joy, in a world where there is so much sorrow,
For family and friends, when so many journey alone,
We say thank you and amen.


  1. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, Nancy. It sounds like you'll be having a wonderful long weekend.

    There's no recipe for the stuffing we make either. We mix the ingredients together and then it has to smell right. The first time I told that to Dave he looked at me as if I was crazy... but after almost 30 years he's gotten used to having to smell the dressing to help me decide if I've added enough poultry seasoning, onions, celery, etc.

  2. I don't make very good stuffing - I think Nancy should teach me -- maybe during the next FNSI!

  3. Thank you for sharing that... and Happy Thanksgiving!


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