Sunday, October 16, 2011

Early morning yesterday, I was up before the dawn...

Purple bowling lady PJs and matching socks
 It's not often that a Supertramp song describes what was going on at a country quilt store yesterday -- okay, it is probably the first time...
Sandra and I were on the road at 5 a.m. -- dressed in our loveliest PJs -- for a Sunrise Sale at Country Concessions in  Cookstown. It is 45 minutes north of us and we expected clear sailing at that hour. Not so. There was traffic. But we plowed onward towards a sale offering 40 per cent off all regular priced fabric cut from the bolt.
There I was, snaking through our neighbourhood -- not another soul in sight. I parked in Sandra's driveway and quickly killed the car lights. (I feared Neighbourhood Watch would be onto me, and then I would have to explain to the nice police officer why I was wearing PJs and claimed to be going to a quilt sale.)
Had to have 'em
Just as I was getting creeped out by the shadows of the trees moving in the wind, Sandra emerged wearing a fuzzy yellow bathrobe in lieu of a coat -- and her stylin' jammies.
Earlier in the week, when I suggested we go, Sandra managed to talk herself out -- and then back in -- to the sale in the space of three lines in an e-mail. Fair play to her, she really got into the spirit of the dawn. We laughed at ourselves all the way to the store, where we joined about 20 other ladies, most PJ clad, on the front porch. It had started to rain and we were still laughing. Inside the store, it was surreal, as we scanned the rows and rows of pretty bolts -- arranged both by theme and colour families.
I picked out seven fabrics I just had to own. Sandra scored some prints for specific projects, as well as radish fabric. Many others had to have help stacking multiple bolts at the cutting tables. We saw one lady with about a dozen bolts of flannel for rag quilts. The whole sale was wild.
While I was there, I found some quilting gloves to help me when I come to grips with the free motion quilting on Berni. I also bought some Japanese handles for my new bag, since I have come to the conclusion that I like them better than fabric ones.
We left for home while it was still dark, and I admit, I went back to bed -- until 11:45.
Mr. D. teased me for the rest of the day about getting up at 4 a.m. to feed my little fabric addiction. I showed him my receipt outlining my savings. He muttered something about it isn't savings if you don't need it. I see the logic, but logic has nothing to do with. The sign in the quilt shop says it best: "Stash away, stash away, stash away all..."


  1. What??? No pictures of you and Sandra in pjs... phooey... lol Glad you had a good time though and made some fun fabric purchases.

    Whenever I come home with more fabric, Dave just shakes his head and smiles.

    Love the saying... "Stash away, stash away, stash away all..." Though this time of year... the stash is getting use up... but that means that I'm making space for the after Christmas sales... lol

  2. I spy some lovely fabrics in your new pile! I can't believe you all went in your jammies! Not sure I'd be brave enough for that :)

  3. I'm not 100% convinced that your blog post isn't a figment of your imagination - in my world, time doesn't start until 8:00 a.m. - anything before that is purely uncivilized and unacceptable.

    However, in the event that it DID happen, I actually saved more than you did --- HA!! $43.23! I've already got the theoretical fabrics prewashed and stacked RTF (ready to fondle) :) Tomorrow when I'm a bit less wiped out I'll try out my new bobbins - cross your fingers in this regard, as I seem to have Murphy's Law on my side when it comes to that machine!

    BTW - I couldn't go back to sleep when we - theoretically - got home, as I had company coming - I actually kicked her out of my house @ 4:00 p.m. so I could go to sleep for 4 hours!

  4. did you have to go in your jammies then, or do you and Sandra usually go shopping in your pjs? sounds like you had a great time, though you were very restrained, me, I'd have saved a LOT more money than that!!

    I read your email about Rural Jardin and want to reply but AOL wont let me, I think it hates me but I don't know why, I will get back to you - not ignoring you at all!!


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