Friday, October 21, 2011

Wahooooooo! It's FNSI and there are treats in the fridge....

FNSI snacks chillin' and ready to go...
It's Friday Night Sew In and Sandra and Amanda are coming down the lane to do some sewing and laughing at our house. It's been a challenging week, what with one thing and my mother...(God bless her)
I am so looking forward to taking over the kitchen table with three sewing machines and just have a nice evening.
We are working on various things -- and the fridge is stocked with the fuel needed for a successful FNSI.
Surrounded by the extra moral support, I may even attempt the FMQ on my Tilda bag.
It's also high time I started my Christmas sewing, so I have to get my act together on that front this coming weekend. Mind you, I have some things done already. Now it is a matter of sitting down and doing a serious list. matching names to projects that have been bookmarked with sticky notes in at least a dozen magazines.
I've also almost finished a second culling of my crafts crap (name given by Mr. D). It is a wonderful feeling of lightness to be rid of things I no longer need. Giving them to Goodwill allows me to share and removes a lot of guilt for having weighed down my life with extra supplies for no good reason. Thank heavens for that TLC show, Hoarders. It both creeps me out and forces me to tidy up.
Keeping myself motivated through the process was tough, but I persevered. Now, I am down to culling the magazines. That is going to take forever. I always end up sitting on the floor and reading them. Hours later, I realize I have pitiful pile of "toss" and a huge pile of "keep".
But that's all for next week. Tonight is about fun. Happy FNSI one and all!


  1. Happy FNSI to all, and to all a good FNSI!!! Errrrrrrrrrr wait ... what? LOL!!

    I see DDP in the fridge - thanks kiddo! I have a homemade treat to share --- it's in the front hall ready to go :D The housework is done and supper is underway - bbq beans simmering in crockpot #1, pulled pork reheating slowly in crockpot #2, hasselback potatoes washed and sliced and ready to go in the oven, dessert waiting in the fridge. I'm going to pop downstairs in a minute to pack up the sewing machine, extension cord and my bag o'projects - see you in 4 hours!

  2. Sigh... wish I could come over for FSNI with you - and I'd steal some of Sandra's pulled pork as I've always wondered what the hell that is! It's about time Amanda got a blog!


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